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With the red at community which we are so strong on go ready dot com slash our slashed jaylen iskoe what do you think about cheeto going into reddit explaining himself he's already his case together nasa saw now i'm playing basketball unraveling again tangled up one another player that all of a sudden he pontes we lost loop vis found really interesting the big three was expecting playercoach allen iverson to be his game on sunday in dallas we'll guess what you'll never believe this jalen rose iverson wasn't there they are now launching an investigation as to the whereabouts of the answer allen iverson on sunday what do you think this investigation is going to show who they go have oversee the investigation oj simpson that it's going to be ice q i think it'd be the investigations icecubes is texting eject thing a colleague integrity how many minutes calls and text you think arsene has on his phone right now one hundred and fifty blind first off his eyes q then it's the key ball roger mason the commissioner of the lee and then the guys you play with trying to figure out light were going on with the game was he gonna play as we go codes we got a pillar spot and then last seen any the friends or family man was that was coming to see like dr became a time we thought it was going to be able to catch we had to sift through their games six hours lush our own investigation here june a jacoby last sunday he was in chicago for his big threegame last thursday he was in outside chicago at a casino photo by tmz with stacks and stacks of stacks of stacks of ships at roulette table and then he was a show on sunday what do you think happened between all those relationships and sunday.

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