The PT Cruiser: A Custom-Built Downfall

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Into the new Millennium Chrysler had a lot of good energy surrounding them stirred the prowler. He didn't do amazing. But it gave Chrysler much-needed image rebranding and got people excited for what was to come. They had spent the better part of a decade designing and engineering a new car using the most sophisticated technology on the planet and they were confident it was going to be a hit. The PT Cruiser was Chrysler's flers savior. Chrysler chose a plant into Luca Mexico right outside of Mexico City to begin production on the new car. This Chrysler plant had a reputation for building. High Quality. Cars on a shoestring budget says workers were not paid very well. I don't know This plant also made dodge see brings and strategize strategists dodge stratos the Gulf of the year. Two thousand the first year of production for the PT Cruiser was to build one hundred eighty thousand thousand of them but Chrysler immediately ran into a problem. The car in the engine were assembled on separate production lines until the engine has to go into into the engine bay. Chrysler did this all the time but because everything on the PT cruiser was machine to fit perfectly. There is literally no room for error. The engine in Bay had only point six of an inch clearance experience. Workers struggled to fit the engine into the pizza. Cruiser and for the first couple of weeks of production. The only we finished one car a day for Reference Ferrari today builds about twenty cars a day. The only way that deluca plant could do it was by stopping both assembly assembly lines until the engine had been installed in one car something needed to be done quickly if they were ever going to meet the one hundred eighty thousand car quota can you imagine being on the production line and like you're in the middle somewhere like do I'm good at making doors putting doors on this thing right those baths at the time. Just do your job put the engine. I do WANNA be the guy gets to run up and like hit the red but the next stop C. I. A.. You got to put the engineering guys what you will need. You solve the problem. Exact Gary Henson told the plant manager Luiz Rivas to practice the process for two weeks. The workers set up a three section practice area in a corner of the factory. Each sector had five workers and if they could not complete their task before the car move to the next section the line would hold until the could seems pretty reasonable at the end of the two week practice session. The plant went from one car a day to one car. Every ten minutes conventionally as production got into a groove and Chrysler selling cars that deluca plant could build one. PT Cruiser every eighty seconds. Problem solve so act. That whole thing was because there is only point. Six of an inch I think combined or light so like when you're dropping the motor and before the hoods on. Yeah you have a little bit more than half an inch to squeeze in the voter to get it in in place because they used all these cats systems engineers designed it to be as practical and like utilitarian. Tehran is possible right so they used every square inch every square inch of space and then the workers figured it out engineers are Dick's the year two thousand was huge for the PT cruiser. The car officially went on sale in March and people went crazy for them for the first year the not only came in two trim levels base model. PT's had an MS RPM of fifteen thousand four hundred fifty dollars and the highest trim level the limited addition came in at eighteen thousand two hundred sixty which according to my inflation calculator. Fifteen thousand four fifty in today's money as twenty three thousand one hundred seventy one dollars. It's more expensive than I thought. And then the top of the line trim at eighteen thousand to sixty is the same as is twenty seven thousand three hundred eighty five dollars to twenty three thousand dollar car or twenty seven thousand dollar car. What what can you get for twenty three grand today civics Cross track severe across getting a Nice Kia. If you'd like but it was going up against Camrys and yes and probably record and there's probably a lot of people like people cross shop really weird stuff all the time I bet. There's people cross shopping against like GPS Sherry Raff four four. Yeah that kind of stuff pretty pretty small compared to this right so this had five more cubic feet of cargo space raffling around our. Okay Yeah Okay Anyway at that price point even the most expensive. PT was pretty affordable customers loved the PTA for its unique heritage inspired. Styling and utilitarian design nine. Don't you ever say retro. It was reliable cheap fund and had a cool factor. It didn't look anything else on the road which was again we have to remember. This car is a huge deal back then and that was a large reason why was the looks pretty groundbreaking dealers couldn't keep these things in stock and soon weightless filled up one in guy from Louisiana bought one of the first. PT's in his State and someone stopped him on the street and immediately bought it with cash for more than he paid even though it ahead of cracked windshield. That shows the demand for these cars. The hype for the Peachy cruiser created was on par with the new beetle. At the time. It was a hit right off the bat and the bigwigs at Chrysler eating it up especially Tom Gale Tom Gale and senior vice president of design. Trevor Creed these two guys were the official hype men for the cruiser. They always knew when to drop a cruiser mania or PT fever interviewed to blow the whole situation out out of proportion so most of the quotes in this book are from these two guys and to their own horn a little bit there to their own horn there too in the PT's horn fine. It's hilarious because Tom Gale was involved in a lot of other cars at Chrysler head of design like he was one of the reasons. The Viper forgot built he. was you know the NEON S Rt.. He was head of. Sat for Awhile. Yeah he's a hot rod enthusiasts. Yeah but like he's super jazzed about the P. T. he as well but also it makes sense 'cause like last week we learned they sold over a million of these right. Yeah so he's making money honey. You know you go sell a million of anything. You're doing pretty good. That's true. We were like different people last week. uh-huh whether it was a rear luggage rack front end bra or polished. Chrome Wheels Chrysler encourage drivers to customize their. PT's Tom Tom Gale said it fits any lifestyle. Some may seem as a tribute to the classic era a street rod others as multifaceted and functional light truck in a class last of its own or some is simply a cool senate wheel boy. Tom The speed equipment manufacturing association or SEMA show in late two thousand was packed. Full of custom PD cruisers. This is when it gets really good. There was a Louis Vitton. Cruiser Maytag hewer cruiser cruiser. Even a futuristic woody concept Tom Gale personally debuted gt cruiser concept with a turbocharged. Two point. Four liter inline nine four but the most exciting had to be the Brian. Setzer of Self Setzer cruiser Accidentally Typing Seltzer. I I thought his name was. Brian Seltzer L. Just so these are all just one off. Build that people brought to seem Became you have your laptop in front of you. I suggest you look up the volume peekers right now. I'll describe the picture that I see Yup Bright Candy Blue Chrome wheels. It has red flames going down the side with lock texts that says vote them in and the flames and a guy standing outside at Planer. Red Guitar Guy. That's fine Seltzer. Dude if you took the year two thousand and boiled down into a syrup the boom cruiser is just that like Jeremiah mentioned. It's painted in electric blue with yellow and orange flames. This was customized is by Chrysler. PACIFICA advanced product design center. It features a built in guitar rack. An amplifier inside the cab and the word vote on the fender which was actually a promotion for Seltzer. 's album of the same name. Oh my tail lights and bright orange. Leather

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