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Guys windsor johnston reports the powerful categorythree storm is expected to cause widespread damage a large portion of florida's west coast and the florida keys could see unprecedented levels of storm surge david's alinsky meteorologist at the national hurricane center says regardless of tides the height of the water could exceed fifteen feet above ground level but that twenty two along apartheid were higher surgeon southwest ordered the naples area you could have it where even the second story of some buildings who's gonna get inundated by a very dangerous storm surge cylin ski says over fifty percent of deaths that occurred during hurricanes are due to storm surge flooding windsor johnston npr news president trump has been monitoring the hurricane from the presidential retreat camp david in maryland on saturday here's anyone still in its path to just get out of the way and not worry about possessions saying property is klay civil that lives or not he described the storm is a storm of enormous destructive power some south florida residents fleeing before hurricane erma are leaving their pets behind peter hayden of member station w l r n reports palm beach county florida's animal control officers have been hustling to rescue abandon the animals some of them were loose some more in pins some were tethered animal control director dianne so vague says officers have rescued around fifty dogs and two cats over the past two days some animals were change trees or parked cars officials say with a potentially deadly hurricane on the way it's a felony charge of animal cruelty around fifty more pets were dropped off at an animal shelter in west palm beach by people who were evacuating the storm for npr news i'm peter hayden in palm beach county florida officials in mexico now say the death toll from thursday's earthquake has risen to sixty five they say it was the most powerful quake to hit mexico cohen 85 years thousands of homes were destroyed and many more were left without running water or electricity the quake measured eight point one and had just before midnight thursday the investigation continues into the helicopter crash that killed country singer troy gentry the chopper went down friday in medford new jersey police chief richard meter says the pilot did call the.

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