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Brian Lehrer on WNYC and it's weak line of remote learning for all New York City public schools and it's been starting up pretty much for all the schools in the greater New York area here in the city we have the biggest school district in the nation in normal times if you don't know the stats eighteen hundred separate schools serve one point one million students just to keep the sheer magnitude of this tectonic shift to distant learning distance learning as a reference point at the beginning with so many students having their life in education thrown into limbo we know this will be one of the harder new realities to adapt to for students for parents for educators so we will be following this closely in the coming weeks and months and W. NYC is teaming up with the education news organization Chalkbeat to cover it with the latest news now and to tell you how you can help report this story because they are asking for your help for the sake of improving everyone's experience I am joined by WNYC host and reporter should meet about shoe and Chalkbeat reporter covering public schools Lima I mean Sinead and Ranma hi thanks for coming on this morning hi thanks for having us and I want to start before we get into these issues by technology in the death of Mr Xander romaine and I hope I'm saying her name right the principle of Brooklyn democracy academy in Brownsville who died because of complications due to the coronavirus she was thirty six years old do either of you have anything to share about principle remains impact in her community yes so my colleague Alex reported on this actually a couple nights ago and you know we heard from as far as her legacy as a principal I think mostly what we heard was that she you know devoted her entire life to the school and she was really dedicated from all accounts to sort of making the school a fabric a part of the fabric of the community in Brownsville and that you know it was remarkable we also got emails in yesterday okay and people were sort of saying the same thing that she made it a point to get to know all of our students she really worked hard to try to make the school which was a transfer school first it is who are over age and under credited to try to make it so that it was a tailored experience almost for everybody who went there and so it seems that she stood out as a principal from all accounts that we heard now to me that you want to tell our listeners how you and Chalkbeat are asking them to participate I know you've got a big crowd sourcing project going just starting obviously with respect to the distance learning era and maybe we can get some calls going that it to the point of what you want to hear so what do you tell people what your project is and how they can best contribute sure WNYC and Gothamist have paired up with Chalkbeat we decided to work together to document this huge shift in the way that education is being practiced here in the New York area this is such an unprecedented time to be teaching to be learning and there's really no one better position to document this moment than the people who are doing the teaching and the people who are doing the learning and of course their families who are inevitably affected by this so there's lots of talk about remote learning right now but we really want to hear from from students from the teenagers who are being affected by it we wanna hear from the teachers who are having to shift the way that they delivered their lessons to students and we also are welcoming comments from parents because this is actually touching their lives a lot too we have a short survey that we work together to to put out and reporters from Chalkbeat are looking at it reporters from WNYC and Gothamist or looking at it and it just has a number of questions you can select whether you're a.

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