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When he walked back to his back to call. Do you expect him to have as difficult to type. Oh I've dishonoring no no India difficult to be I think the I think he showed so much qualities in that fight. I know maybe maybe he's too close for comfort. It and he was out on his feet Pacific. I mean he's hurt and you know people say he looks only does but if you covers if I back and he got the win I think I think he was assured could resolve. I don't think he has same problem. I just can't see about. Ot's just I think he just slows down. And I think it would be better. I think it'd be better because the the few reflects I think I think I think the chain has to be improved. You hope so. But it's all just relying on your power to all the time and you and you reach yeah Listen might not be enough and I proved futile fight for me. It wasn't enough so I think he's GonNa have to be a bit more structured in his work and does not read some not shoulder then I think there is slow at even these clever. I think while they might get him out. We'll see you wonder about with just the current heavyweight scene in general made it does seem to be quite a lot of forward planning going on the case we'll talk about how and how he was overlooking Ruis and and looking rivals performances. What was next to A? We all know what happened there with this. This three months reviewers was mooted for a long time. You'll resigned his top-ranked Dale to Pfizer. Walter almost went wrong against while in this fight they picked it up or announced it kind of just before before. Aj Ruis and then it finally confirmed at the end of the end of September now February twenty second date for the fight against fury. That's a thirteen week turnaround after this weekend. which causes suggests the like you? They don't really anticipate I suppose too. Many problems here can be very dangerous road to go down if if the val invite never showed shoulder what can happen a guy you should play with and beginning cuts tabloids and also chose shivers through is even a bigger example of. What can go wrong if you're if things don't go towards your structured plan so I it is? There's a lot of room for error and not a change in in the wind and I don't know how it was a contract so then I'm these times between people are signed that contract and then.

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