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Exit 1 52 Crash involving a motorcycle is cleared to the right shoulder. All your travel lanes are open but north on I 95 Still some delays leaving triangle headed toward dumb freeze and beyond toward Dale City, north on I 95 from the earlier crash after Dumb Freeze exit 1 52 South found I 95 still delays. Leaving courthouse road headed beyond the Rappahannock River. Braise the crisis before Route three in Fredericksburg in blocks, just a single left lane. There stayed three lanes to the right in order to get by seven on I 95 is a head toward Route three in Fredericksburg. If you're traveling at this point on I 3 95 you're clear between Edsel Road in the 14th Street Bridge. I'll take you to warrant in some pound, 29 15. This is after the bypass, but before Opal Road where all lanes are blocked for the down tree, a large tree in nature there you may want to take Metz Road if you're headed south, bound toward wanton and Ashburn Siclen Road westbound at Belmont Ridge Road, follow police direction around the crime scene there. No problems in Maryland. If you're traveling on to 79 95 looks pretty smooth, sat down on the B W Parkway near 1 90 A tree trimming work their blocks the right lane. So watch out for that eastbound route 50 delays as your approach Sandy Point State Park and it across the Bay Bridge, now two way operations running on the westbound span, which means three lanes or east and two lanes are open in the westbound direction. Take it to Temple Clinton Temple Hill Road both ways between 2 23 Piscataway Road and played a street all into block due to the emergency work there due to some bridge damage caused some structural failure as an emergency work zone in Clinton and will be there for pretty much the duration of the day. So please be mindful of that. W T O P Reporters were driven.

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