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Welcome to podcast was do the air lawyer. I am. Oh, yeah. We have Aaron Gloria Ryan returning to the podcast act on that on the pod. That was the first the first one that you did Felix in air. And I was like, oh, I feel that was like the first podcast was like this where doing yeah, we're ready to sign that was that was that was a hot one. Yeah. But I mean, we were we were talking before pressing record. And it was just getting to a point where it's like, you know, I think should be on air because Brandon was telling you this. The topic of Steve Bannon came up Steve Bannon came up, and and circle back to a a story that we've we've talked about on this podcast. But I'm Brian you're telling version of it. Well, it's starting to get into the semantics of it. Well, I was tricked into thinking. This girl is Steve Bannon daughter her friend who was like, okay, my friend. She was like, my friend wants to have a three. Awesome. And she like, she shows me these pictures, and then she is a issues, I should tell you. She's Steve Bannon's daughter. And I I'm I'm full resistance mode. I'm like, okay. Let's fucking go. Wait. How is how is? I'm gonna let you before jumping feeling somebody's sexual wishes form of resistance because because Seve. Seve Bannon probably wouldn't want people wouldn't want me in there. Okay. So this is so that's that's sort of my mental that was sort of my mentality at the time. And then these these like I can't I don't want to reveal too much because I don't want to give out her last. I mean, whatever it's Bannon. Yeah. But like, I mean last was banned in and then like, I searched her name, and it was like, okay, see ban and has a daughter with his name. The seems real Aaron is telling you a glossy he's been telling himself this lie for a long time. There's he's racing me from the story because this he brought this information me, and he sends me this girl. And I like I was like well Steve Bannon really bad divorce and his daughters. Don't talk to him. And I don't think they go. I don't think that use last name go by different last. Yeah. And I was like and also this girl looks literally nothing like either daughters, and he's like, I don't know. This. Like, I think I should still do it just in case. Like, wouldn't it be you know, like? Why should I should if I could bang Steve Bannon's daughter, I should right now is like I mean, I guess like, yeah. So I pretty much I laid out to you everything you need to know. Like, this is literally not Steve Bannon daughter, and you're like, it could be I think I should do it. I guess there's only one way to find out. It's a weird story. I mean. Yeah. Story presented to me originally is like I'm going to be doing this for the good of our country. Daughter. Here's the thing though, if okay imagine the opposite of Steve Bannon in your head like imagine, if it were somebody that you really looked up like Joe Biden or Barack Obama or whatever and love I'd love today. to Obama..

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