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Welcome to weaken a podcast this is sam harris okay just a few announcements before bring you today's guest my vented was scheduled for the sixteen th of january new york with lee remedy and mike render has been canceled perhaps it'll be rescheduled but uh that was a pangbourne philosophy event and everyone who bought tickets should have received an email from pangbourne and a refund if you didn't please be in touch with pangbourne directly sorry about that as a bit of a hassle but sometimes things like that happen okay a few more events to announce in my life podcast tour and if you're a supporter of the podcast who should receive an email about these tickets to each of these events are currently available only to supporters uh and that is denver february 21st portland on the twentysecond dallas on march third and my book club event with steve pinker on march fourteen in los angeles houston i know i mentioned previously i'm still planning to do an event there it may very well be on march fourth but the venue has not yet been confirmed so i will let you know about that and again supporters will get an email uh the moment tickets actually become available to a new vent and if you are supporter in you did not get an email there could be several reasons for that you could have started supporting the podcast after the email went out so he warned tunnel.

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