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Game for a limited time you pay for having access to the game for one period. That's it Ubisoft Rep wrote when the time is over. You have to buy the game again for the time. Time that you want to access it again. It's a very creative way to describe a subscription without calling it a subscription, and predictably it hasn't smoothed the waters. It's a frustrating way to sell a game that I think is honestly exploitive of track. Mania is very specific dates. Folks who play a lot of track mania like to make tracks and work on tracks for a long time so moving over to a subscription model. I mean it does make sense. It's kind of gross, but I understand the economics behind it, and it will theoretically allow you be soft to continually support the game with frequent. In a perfect world, but for Ubisoft to try and say the game is not subscription based is just trying to use semantics to appease track mania fans who are understandably disappointed in the new model I. Think they're right to be frustrated. Hopefully, the game is good.

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