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Which I have never ever said to you in just five years of recordings come close. I thought you've come. Close pits ever actually happened. So it's good to be. It's good to have you back. Then that's what I'll say. I love Danny headphones but you know it. Comfort and familiarity is nice. It's I cannot believe the combine I feel combine should either be March or should be the DASH into super bowl. Like I feel like we lulls us into a two week break. That's why everybody was excited about the XFL and now it is back it starts. I leave Mondays. Actually I think that's right Last year it was nice because I think last year was the latest. I remember to combine. It was like early March now this year. It's pretty much the time it always is and no one is ready for it. I don't think anyone is ready to go to Indianapolis and have the columbine would as so mostly because the ad the superbowl was in Miami and a lot of a lot of NFL. Writers out to like five in the morning For many of nights there and I guarantee you most of them don't want to go to Indianapolis which is really a rough stretch. It's actually a pretty grueling couple days yeah I agree with you because Vic Fangio and Sean McVeigh are leaving their assistance. Home Fangio's even McVeigh's leaving his coordinators home. I wonder you know Bella. Check on this in the past. It's really interesting me to check in every year to see how teams and coaches and assistants and execs view the combine and as we kind of do off-season preview. Here in this one. I think it's really interesting to to unpack. We're the combine stands just from A. Do you need to be there standpoint? I I totally agree. I was having a conversation with somebody at the Super Bowl. Do you think you'll go next year if it's an La bike? Will I drive hour? But like what will you do like? You'll just go to maybe the actual combine and then go home towards the same stuff. I do an Indie I. I think it's kind of analogous last year. I don't go to the senior bowl every year last year. I the game. The game was in New Orleans so I drove over on Monday without credentials of the senior bowl and a satin hotel. The hotel lobby and just talked to GM's for like three hours and went back and caught a flight so like that's that's the thing that's my question. Where will you go away? I look go one hotel. Yeah I was sitting lobby of a hotel where they are and then just have meetings and and do interviews and stuff. That's probably right. It's just because the whole value of the combine is that because it's an Indianapolis it's completely self-contained right. Everyone is in the same area but when they moved to La. It's just not going to be like that. If you want to go to one hotel in trying to pick people off you might be able to. I will say this I with. Nfl coaches and executives. Nfl writers life finds a way when it comes to finding out where these guys are drinking. Okay it is not hard to find your bar. It is not hard. It will not be hard to find a bunch of tight ends coaches drinking bud light live at the Venezuela this time in two years. That's that's kind of what I'm saying is that in. La It's so spread out that it's going to be a little bit more difficult to figure out exactly where those spots are. I have faith in you Robert. Let's prove the off season. So here's what we're doing today. It is February as I said last week February seventeenth. You will lose this already. There's a lot of stuff that we're going to talk about over the course of the next month or so so we don't WanNa get too granular about things what we're GonNa do today is. We're going to preview what we see as the teams that are going to define the off-season and this could mean a lot of things so a lot of these teams are going to have picks in the top five because they're going to kind of be the pivot teams when it comes to the draft but some of these teams are once in a lot of cap space. Yep sums are a kind of on the verge of some sort of transition but these are the teams that in one way or another kind of sit in the catbird seat when it comes to this offseason so the team we're GONNA start with. Is The Dallas cowboys because I would argue that. No team has a more pivotal off season. Kind of within their own Like their own trajectory the Dallas. You think about the fact that they have about eighty million dollars in cap space but they don't have a quarterback under contract yep their best receivers that contract their best. Secondary player is not under contract. There's a lot of decisions that the cowboys are going to have to make. So let's start with that. But do you think the cowboys do? When it comes to Dak Amari Cooper and just the rest of their plan this spring. Well first you build a time machine. And don't sign Ezekiel Elliott. That'd be my and Jerry can invest some of that money in time the machine. So it's six minutes and twenty seconds into the podcast in your second off season podcast and we just brought up running back values. So we're GONNA move on very quickly Jason. Show from over. The capitol is a great job he's visualizing stuff and he was doing a chart to show cap space. And how many snaps a team is losing unrestricted? Free Agency. Okay and the cowboys are at the far right of the graph meeting. They're losing a ton of snaps to free agency. I am for now yet. They have a ton of cap space relative to everybody else and so they have the money to bring most of these guys. Back Does Byron Jones. At some point get too expensive. They're going to sign back to a huge money. Deal and Byron Jones. Also with with the the deals air to having books. Possibly that could happen. I think he's the guy that goes by the way he's the guy that goes by the wayside and I gotTa Tell. You if your plan includes losing a corner like Byron Jones. You probably have a bad plan like you. You WanNa keep guys like Byron Jones in the building. There's a premium position you will. He's athletic. He's improved a lot since since he entered the league. I think that you if you've mismanaged. This is not like those teams. Like the Falcons right. Who were just so capped out the their spot track page there over the cat page. That gives me hives right This is not that this is the cowboys because they're they have the same amount of cap spaces the bears. Speaking of giving me hives. I was looking at this yesterday. I I'm not a happy person but continue with the Vikings. I'm looking at the vikings ten billion dollars over the capper. That's not guess. This graph is very very intriguing. I would look at Jason. Israel's page if you can But essentially the cowboys have the money to make it work. This is about figuring out dollars and cents. The first Domino's always going to be back because I bet on himself. He's GonNa make a ton of money. The negotiations actually started jared goff which his cap numbers thirty six next year. So we'll see where the numbers come down. Does Patrick Mahomes signed before deck. Does that change? Things I don't know is Patrick. Mahomes deal such an out liar. Because he was one of the Super Bowl and one of the best young quarterbacks for best young players in history of the sport. I don't know I don't know I don't know if there's a if Patrick Mahomes is a domino or not. What I do know is the Dak. Prescott is the domino for the cowboys. And they've got a lot of it was I. Don't WanNa be Jerry Jones right now so if you had to make a bet what happens What would you say you think he gets the tag or do you think he gets extended or do you think they don't sign him. I think completely off the table. Yes I think they franchise back because I think Jack knows the value betting on himself even if has a mediocre year next year. He's going to make what Goffman if if they go. Eight next year and Dak Prescott regresses. There will still be a massive market for him. They know that okay. I'm when I say they I mean I mean Dak Prescott and Dak Prescott agents. They know that and so when I look at him betting on himself to this point he never accepted a deal under his value. He understands his value. There are very few quarterbacks who have gotten to this point at such a young age. Most these guys take these huge money deals after your three certainly after your four. But he is shown that he wants to bet on himself and I think that there's I think they're gonNa have to tag them and play that game. I think they've done signed cooper. And then it's I if I were to just guess just guessing. I have no inside information. I don't have the numbers in front of me. That Byron Joe. It's might get too rich for their blood with all the big money being thrown around. That's what I would say. Well so I have a couple of questions that were asked you so Outside of the Elliott thing which I think we all know his mistake. The other ways. They've spent their money in the last twelve months. So like signing Lyle Collins to a contract extension giving the deal they did to Jalen Smith. Excetera do you think they've misteps steps in the guys they've chosen to extend even if we take back? Zeke Elliott out of the equation I think that that the Elliott contract is obviously as you said. We're we're not counting that. That was the messed up. Do you have to sign demarcus Lawrence? Right he's a he's a twenty. I think that has to happen right. He's a twenty one next year. Zach Martens of fifteen tyrants thirteen. I mean these are not outrageou seals. I'm down no. I'm fine with those deals. The offensive line deals were older. I'm like okay with me. It's more would you rather have Jalen Smith or by John. That's kind of question. I would rather have Byron Joe so but he here's the deal. Jalen Smith accounts for three point five percent of the CAP next year. Okay he will never make more than thirteen million over the course of his contract. That's twenty points. And no no no no but that's all. I'm saying what I'm saying is it's not like they're giving him the Byron Jones contract. What I'm saying is the Byron Jones is GonNa get more than that I they. They their problem is not i. Probably I think Byron Jones could probably fifteen year. But that's that is not an appreciable difference to me for the value of those positions. I think that the reason my understanding of the way. The cowboys handed out contracts in the last year.

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