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Cheaper to easily and i looked a lotta toll white dudes was kind of a a slow developer a late bloomer i'm so didn't have a lot of options coming out of high school i was mostly recruited by dejounte twos and ivy leagues um and smaller schools and then when i told the vaunted basketball program at the university of north dakota that i didn't want to come they're back assistant coach uh got in touch with tim floyd who was at iowa state and said he thought that this kid in smalltown kansas might be getting us to play in the big 12 could said unfortunately we are out of scholarships sowa you can't come here but then my mother did some crack research and uh and found out that i could go to i was state for free because i was a national merit scholar which is a true of everyone who plays division basque of course lots of national merit scholars and so uh so then i came here um as sort of like undercover walk on it was my deal with coach loyd to employ bitch uh no one would know that i was a technically a walk on 'cause i was afraid that if they found that out uh they would take me less seriously the basketball player um it was uh at the time i think i was correct in that but looking back it is actually a up point of some pride that too yeah i i came here because emma brain yeah that's awesome i i didn't know that he they even um so what would you be doing right now if you didn't play basketball obviously you've raised an excellent career as an author you've written to books you ropri span eurogroup sipe so you're one of the hoop ivo geez i have to give respect you um um well if you didn't play basketball would you do you think you would have found writing a review of when a different path i it seems unlikely to me like i i was long before i was way into baseball and basque was a kid i was in and so it means tom to me um that i.

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