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But i would have thought nba like charlotte whatever they're called rowlands i mean it just seems every single team of those ninety two is worth over a billion dollars except one oakland as good gas good guess ron ron ron so the oakland he's wrong eating please jerry you think oakland a's worth a billion dollars stadium estimate changed the minnesota twins all the tampa bay rays correct yes the only team not worth a billion good businessman literally correct craft like overpaid he paid one hundred seventy million mass trivia from yesterday right or marjorie jim tranny forbes as the as three hundred million close to a what what what is the is the onion show you just read it it's the same thing we're goodell's wife is serving poop in the salad trivia tuesday reticent actual buzzer beater drunk you gotta be wrong what's the headline now hits city royals copy worth a billion dollar david ortiz joined the red sox he became a free agent when this team failed to tend to him a which team released david ortiz from the new york yankees is that right can you don't know which team released tapes it's an easy question right milwaukee brewers i'm gonna find find the story i talk to matt forbes it's forbes had but stupid i mean this sounds legit i was just on forbes that's where i got the number for what would you get fool by this tweeter who his name is brad at gay tae bo is not really as a media critic at privacy there's a fine job covering the media in this town superb right michael media insights forbes dot com at dave meltzer came my other fun fact it's a lot of fun lot of laughs visit slow down the open this segment at all we talked about this building the.

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