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See to founded diagnosed with one out pitch life pilkington on its way inside gets that going on the hands was shaken off rundown to first base with one out seiters have a man aboard zack watson step to the plate keep your all that mississippi state bullpen at this point pilkington as thrown ninety pitches he threw a hundred seven pitches at six innings when these two teams matched up earlier in the season and stark fill focus said through a hundred thirteen when chewed fourth at seven innings against illinois chicago he's gonna go one hundred twenty five once this season so i'm surprised chris at ninety pitches to nazi anyone starting to toss when pilkington his only thrown in ill 20 25 more pictures of where he is right now something tells me coach candidate sarah wants to squeeze the blood out of the stone here for pilkington in this regional i fits the watson breaking ball inside mrs for one or no watson tonight one for two at a base it in the fourth inning if i were pilkington i'll be heads up here with sack watson lots of smoke that ball in the last city but he said some very hard foul balls myth it's the watson called strike fastball across the flight making one in one watson of course four home runs last weekend the baton rouge regional to home runs for the ninth spot the next night he was the this body hit two more one one again a fastball at these across the plate is one and two they have let's of fastballs go tonight there scanning her port calls for the aware and looking for the fastball early and they have sure let some go down the middle once who council watson here's the pitch in the dirt from the flight deepens account countdown to would suit the river this is exactly how the fat lastinning rapid for sack watts excuse me back in the fourth inning watts it fell behind wanted suit he a pitch just like that one maybe a little more competitive last time to make exudes and then this was the pitch watson set right back up the box.

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