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To our sponsors, all American, Subaru in old Bridge and NJ pet supply dot com. Now, here's New Jersey fast traffic. You can expect a bumper to bumper ride right now in the Garden State Parkway heading north bound in tow. Woodbridge. We've got to separate issues we're looking at, and they're both right in the same spot as you head on up to Route one. It's a vehicle fire, and then they've also gotta crash with injuries. So all told three lanes or shut down and as they head north into exit 1 29. It gets very heavy all the way up to Route one. It's at least an extra 20 minutes. Travel time to get your around that Otherwise, the parkway not bad this evening. I don't see any issues through Ocean and Mama's County on that weekend construction through Essex County, not really causing a big delay. But if you're heading south bound out of the Essex Tolls, you'll see two right lanes shutdown heading back down to 1 49 also getting up onto the Pulaski Skyway. You've got a stalled vehicle heading out of north into carny. It's about mid span one lane blocked in getting on the Hudson County extension. Some eastbound slowdowns coming in off route 78. Outerbridge crossing, looking at a 15 minute delay aboutthe. Same for the Gospels Bridge, and those delays continue on with Staten Island Expressway for the Holland Tunnel off one and nine post away. 15 20 minute back up about 10 minutes off the turnpike Lincoln Tunnel. They've still got a stalled vehicle being pulled out of the South tube, and that's a 15 to 20 minute delay. But the worst of it all. George Washington Bridge upstairs at least 45 minutes and a 35 Maybe 40 minutes late for the lower deck traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 7 33 Jeff from New Jersey One of 1.5. New Jersey one A 1.5 instant weather tonight Steady light rain lows in the upper forties to start your work week Monday. Rain early overclass overcast.

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