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In enlightened. Lebron said We never played with jasmine. I played with you todd video games. I never played. Nobody really wanna be stockton malone and video a really they. They was sexy. They wasn't it wasn't flashy. There was just picky role. Pick and roll pick and roll. Pick and roll roll. Rose is nothing fancy flashy or sexy about it you know. So he's right man you know. And then at the same time kevin durant he will try to just act like lebron was on it. You know being disrespectful kevin durant. His last pit was player too. So apparently kevin durant doesn't believe he's not sold. He's not convinced that you know they could get over the hump. Jazz make it to the nba finals. Hey i'll give. I'll get on his podcast and apologized. Sale was wrong but until did not man they still got it. Do play time. You know Slammed up then. Let me take a sip on his hit de-subscribe but right hand quarter right. A quarter via facebook hit the like is to grab it to follow any other platform do the same the follow slab man. This was the worst slam dunk contest. I've ever seen a lot of time. It's it's enough that there's no star players slammed up contests not one not one star player or name that was like anybody caliber ducks man. I mean that would not. I mean this was the worst ever you know like if there was any time that lebron james needed to just go ahead and do the doug contest just to do it. This was a this was. It just was just to do it. Justice say because there could be like the one blemish on lebron's rid that he never really did a dot com. Not even once. I've.

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