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They have a goal of seventy one it's not the part it's not the park all and I will be there to maybe give a spare time what their time is what I think yeah that one of seven seven thirty seven thirty our time I once again what's on the blog a former Ohio state quarterback Terrelle Pryor was stabbed just a few days ago and now his girlfriend is under arrest for attempted homicide twenty four you know charges against him to dis yes we actually love Bristol burst and apparently stabbed him in in the with a knife during a quote tussled eyes were her friends called it after she came home from clubbing she is there she is charged with the attempted murder and he is charged with simple assault he's currently recovering we have a mug shot to mingle she's smiling but what about who did he allegedly assaulted was at the was that the victim became the perpetrator with the knife was in another woman no he they apparently quarreled that's his girlfriend and then it got **** it was tussle so he was it she was not harmed enough that you could physically see it in the actual mug shot which we have but obviously it was enough that they decide to throw charges against him one of her friends so is quoted as saying we should have just let him die so that does look good for shillelagh why she is trying to get out of these attempted murder charges how do you put up with that counselor seventeen and three of us like Ohio state plane Michigan Terrelle Pryor it's kind of one sided in it some of the Michigan faithful one have a running clock in the second half next year has done in Columbus because Michigan have a running clock at the start menu but Terrel prior and I guess he's done with football is the nine or ten years he's like what thirty thirty one years old thirty wide receiver he's got to baby mama drama is he's got all you know it's never good what else is on the block we have the animated version.

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