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To be that way. And there was no reason for him to hit me. Just because i had difference of opinion because i believe differently. And you know. That's that. I wasn't willing to go along with the fact that he was in a different relationship. Here with somebody else that i just wanted to be independent of. I don't mind if you have a relationship with somebody else as long as you know. I'm not forced to have a relationship with you if i don't want so. I made that decision. That this is not sustainable. Because tried to talk we had discussions. And when i tried to express i got beat up and when i just felt like you know my waist doesn't count then i had to take action and whatever opportunity i could find. It was five days later. I just decided that. I am capable. I can take care of myself. I will find way my my way back and that was the original plan. I was just going to leave. I just knew chicago is the nearest city. And i had a friend from ed school. Who is doing residency. I figured i'll get there and then i'll just Fly back to india borrow money. I'll fly back to india. I'm a physician in india. I can work my way alpay again. And that's that as far as you're saying that this is not supported it's would absolutely not be supported by my family's i had a plan to just go somewhere that they didn't even know where i was just so that they didn't have to. You know first of all that the they would not accept it and who knows what that would have resulted in two and also it's not looked upon very kindly culturally to for you to have a daughter who's divorced and of course despite all the education and their theoretical believes they ultimately didn't believe that to some extent of woman needs to compromise and the woman was their their sister here and so but this sister was not ready to compromise. So i was. That was my plan. I was gonna leave is gonna make a life of my own. But because i couldn't find my passport i couldn't leave the country and here i am twenty five years later. Well that is just a remarkable story of courage and and really. I can't thank you enough for sharing it because if there is somebody listening to this and i know there will be. I truly hope that you find the strength and courage to think about leaving a violent situation. And i recognize situation different. I will have links and the podcast notes. Various organizations around the wall that are committed to helping survivors of domestic violence and both in the united states and amongst our diaspora. So thank.

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