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Way, he goes about his business the way he expresses himself, both privately and publicly is just all temperamentally almost exactly the opposite of Mitt Romney who either. Oh, when I was I was researching that piece I talked to a couple of people who had worked with him who knew him, and what everybody said was that he was incredibly decent sometimes very slightly distant and aloof, which again, kind of understandable, given that the guy's worth a quarter of a billion dollars in his spent most of his life kind of in elite society, but really incredibly decent and nice in that that was actually the thing that he was good at was was being like, a sort of smart clever decent nice person. And so, you know, one of the kind of sub arguments that piece I'm not sure I made it explicitly, but sort of one of the things that I came away thinking was that Mitt Romney, you know, sort of is maybe as an great when it comes to kind of as ideological policy decision making. But he is somebody who has done really well in the business world and has been kind of I think a force for good overall a force for for decency and transparency within his business within his business life. And I think he is trying to bring. Some of that sort of personality driven ideology, if that makes any sense to his I'll comes close to making sense. They'll give me that look Katherine Katherine is giving me a Peter. You've started on the wrong foot. I am striking that phrase from your piece, I feel like you're just editors look here. That's your own conscience talking. I think as Donald Trump would say, I think you're my conscience. A question will be is he a flake? That's what Trump tweeted about Romney that question is he a flake capital f- flake. He's still got it..

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