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It's my favorite holiday. Let's go a little bit inside baseball at you. And I discussed this because the four individuals who seemingly committed these crimes based upon their consciousness of guilt by leaving town have are going to be arraigned, Jake Wagner, twenty five twenty six years old is set to appear on Tuesday next week after that his brother, George Wagner. On also, he's he's twenty eight. It's going to be arraigned on November twenty eighth thirty. It's Wednesday of next week. Then mom, what a lovely mother Angela Wagner. Forty eight years old hearing on Thursday, and then the week after that on December the fourth is the patriarch the head guy the father, George Billy Wagner, forty seven years old and the murder of eight members of the rodent family. According to the theory of the prosecution in this case, Mike dewine and the county prosecutor, it appears there was a tremendous custody dispute because a member of the Wagner family was the father and a member of the rodent family was the mother, and I guess for the four years of this child's life. They had nothing but disputes about at that point two and a half years ago. She was only what a year and a half an eighteen months. They had nothing but arguments disputes and anger about what was going on. And so according to theory, the prosecution the four members of the Wagner family said enough is enough. Oh, we're going to execute a game plan methodically meticulously execute AAC people who by the way, these were not boys and girls scouts the rodent family. According to media accounts, they were involved in several nefarious businesses that include a growing marijuana cockfighting and chop shops in which cars had disappeared all over southern Ohio. And suddenly there were parts of the cars having been taken out for profit. So you had marriage or wanna you had cockfighting, which is a nasty business, and then you had chop shop operation. So this was like almost a criminal enterprise that the roads are involved in and having represented in the past many individuals involved in criminal enterprises. These are not good people. And I guarantee you that they had numerous weapons guns rifles, shotguns, security systems and dogs that protected the road and compounds from those on the outside as Brian Hamrick said yesterday when he was with you. And I we had difficulty knocking on doors in the areas where the rodents were killed because individuals who knock on doors in pike county, often do not receive a good reception. You know what I'm saying? There's no industry in pike county. There's like twenty thousand people who live there and half our children. So you deal with fourteen thousand people take away four or five thousand over the age of seventy and you have a very small number of people. There's no jobs, no business, no industry. And so the industry the business as meth marijuana cockfighting and minor theft operations in order to keep body and soul together. Those individuals, shall we say our straight. I they know what the hell's going on. And of course, the Wagner's part of the same relative clans know how the game is played which is why they got out of dodge. They end up in Alaska why because other parts of the road and family, we're going to hunt them down and murder them. So they leave for Alaska. So before they left in the beginning in the first part of twenty sixteen they meticulously plan, the murder of eight individuals and four different locations. Now, how do you do that? When you know, welcoming you on the other side will be assault off shotgun or an AR fifteen or nine millimeter, then have small little weapons like a three eighty or twenty two. These were serious individuals who are protecting their property. And if you're in the marijuana growing business, and the cockfighting business and the chop shop business, you have hordes of cash in garbage bags stuffed all over the place. Why because cash is the currency of the drug business. If you buy or sell drugs. No, one says, here's a cheque, right? No. It's all cash if you're in the cockfighting business in which you betting on the success of your cock? My talk. Doc is better than your cock. What you have is a bunch of twenties. Fifties and hundreds you got lots of cash tens of thousands of dollars in cash. And if you're buying illegally auto parts, you don't issue a cheque, right?.

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