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Everybody says they want to see an extension of the payroll Support Act. It was the most successful part of the cares act. It needs to be extended. We need more than words, though. Yeah, but as of right now, it is only words. There is a new bill $28 billion payroll support bill introduced by two Republicans yesterday. But a lot of it comes down to a bigger cove in 19 relief bill that doesn't look like it's anywhere along the lines of getting past and the airline industry saying OK, but we've only got until next week to take care of us. Even if you don't get that bigger bill done. Doug Parker is the CEO of American Airlines. Small communities will lose their service. 19,000 American Airlines. Aviation professionals will be furloughed. We simply cannot let that happen. Gonna fact AA lot now. Delta today said they would delay furloughing up to 2000 pilots until November that they can afford to do that United's going to avoid with a deal with their pilots union a little bit until next year. On the pilots would still come October 1st next week, 13,000 workers had united American Airlines 17,500 workers, lot of other airlines as well. They would be told you're no longer getting a paycheck. Tough times, ABC. Zelig Stone. Thank you so much. You gotta Thanksgiving. And, you know, Speaking of travel 74% of hotels are gonna lay off more employees without further aid and carnival cruise line, canceling cruises into 2021 beyond carnival, also selling 18 of its ships. Traffic.

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