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You can't even put it in the same box as it Great. I don't agree. I think that's a game changer. That could be a serious change. You play here. Here's LeBron's block that wins the championship. But this could be the turning point. Mike T. Yes, the block could be a turning point, but it's not a clean block like LeBron's. You can't possibly sit there and say it's the same. It's not Is what we're doing this morning, Mike. So let's get it too. So let's get some football because we just in the previous segment, Adam Schefter was on radio in Philadelphia, and he said something that It's kind of in a prevailing thing. Not not a big story, but something that we've heard a couple of insiders suggest. And that is, when does Shawn Watson and all that stuff gets figured out that one place he could end up in Philadelphia with the Eagles? First and foremost, What do you think of that? Because chef, he says they have all the assets to do it. And he believes that if he does go there, they become a Super Bowl contender. Yes, I completely agree. I think Philadelphia, Carolina even maybe Miami or teams that could be interested in Shawn Watson. Now there's Criminal investigation. We have to know that there has been no resolution to that. We also have to know that there are alleged victims in this situation. So if and when he's cleared, and there's a lot of hurdles to get to, and we get to the football discussion, Absolutely. They're saying there were three first round picks next year. And if I'm Philadelphia? He is a great great young player, and I would do everything within reason and probably a little bit more than that, to get him and any team he goes to. I think they become a Super Bowl contender, and I would probably list maybe six or seven teams like the Chargers, the Chiefs. If Russell Wilson stays and see how that shouldn't be interested to show Watson but there should be about 26 27 teams That should be. He's that much of a difference maker and I would put Philly at the top of that list. See, I I don't know about the contender, part of it because the roster makeup in Philadelphia right now today. It's not Super Bowl contending roster if you think about last year in what and I was telling Alan Prior to you coming in here, you think about Houston's team last year. They had some players. They had some coaching issues and things of that nature, but they had some players and they were not playoff caliber in that team was better equipped in this year's Philadelphia team with a new head coach that we know nothing about. We have no idea what he's about, and just to add him. This is not Miami. As you mentioned this is not the Denver Broncos. Those are the type of teams that I look at that says to me if they get a quarterback like an Aaron Rodgers of the Shawn Watson You might as well start to think about them and Super Bowl contenders, not the Philadelphia Eagles. Yeah, I think Philly has some young players and look, they just drafted devotee Smith. We got to see how he turns out. They have to get some youth on their defensive line. The brain and grams of the world are getting a little bit older. Jalen Rigor. I mean, like, Come on. He hasn't worked out so far. Now it's only been here. But key. I would say this to Shawn Watson, in my opinion, is that good? If you look at the NFC East, he's clearly better than Fitzpatrick. We don't know about Daniel Jones yet and him and Dak Prescott to me would be 11 age. You're about right? That's a wash, right?.

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