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All right well, Melville to. PODCASTS. Couple quick notes for all sponsors. We have three responses today one of course Bien if some technologies which with Melville found as well as managing director. Ankara phonebook something that. The other two sponsors. Through gun, staley wedding invitations Put Link up for that and trim. I had Rajiv from Logan Phone Trim. Their company right. Of Informational videos on how to solve lots of problems lost. Last last that went viral was on solving the flooding solution, defendant, problem and Kearney and stuff, so he actually was interviewed on TV six hundred stuff for that so. A lot of people tend to things you are the CO founder of. Technologies who else was involved in the founding? So, I have a three other phone this. Is the Marlins Peru very very dynamic speaker. He's a police officer. Probably the only blind police officer crazy technology. A-LIST, yes. So intense backstory as to help yet be good started. I attended a startup weekend event back in twenty, fourteen or on June and With the intention of starting something that might help with disabilities. Who Milem is there and you know so I I see him. Just curious to know what is modeling into pitch as a model and gets up and he says his I'm blind. I can't see plasma news. I want something that can help me. NAVIGATION NCAA pitched his idea that he wanted some. Advice. Help with identify obstacles in any we and helping him to be together on. And the idea itself was well received by the audience and actually loved the idea told him his what let's. We will take a little bit, and so because he that is what instead of having a person behind the camera on the other side, looking to see what is in front of the reason, we could be a device that is he sense obstacles any environment, and in use that information than process it Unin. Give feedback to see Aleph player. Right block right left. And technology existed. In technology exists. Yeah, you. Technology exists in terms of Google's have driving cars. See how? Autonomous Systems, but we haven't used it for persons who will impede right and use that technology to augment our senses. That's all I was just. Self driving cars. So how does it work is? It's I, think it was nine ultrasonic senses that you wear and his done. Come Abbado something around here we. Right, so we have! An arena villages census. Yes, no tonight, I. Type in that sense is in order directions. And the is worn our own chess or does. Right and that allows you to detect obstacles. To crawl midways and then UPTEMPO had.

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