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At some point. Said that he was going to do something yourself. Remember for the rest of his life, which you understood to be. Suicide wind police arrived to the house the woman volt up in a car and as police tried to talk with her. She grabbed his shotgun. One officer fired one shot the woman who did not fire. Any shots was wounded, but will survive a hill country woman going to prison for three years for stealing nearly a million bucks. From the Earl head, Bank and Leno the feds say forty-five-year-old Kelly Jones is an employee of the Bank and manipulated accounts. For more than eight years pocketing the cash when she gets out of prison. She will have to pay all that money back more than a thousand migrants trying to make their way to the US of escape from a detention center in Mexico. Mexico is having a hard time ain't nothing. This mother of all caravans. This is the largest mass escape on the books ever of detained migrants. Thirteen hundred of them. Most of them are Cubans are scape on foot in the southern city of top Chula. Look, this is Mexico's latest solution to the caravans try and keep them contained in the southern states. Analysts say the escape shows the stress that continuing migrant caravans are putting on Mexican officials. Well, it was a good day. The legislature for people who like a cold one of the end of the day is the Texas house was passing a Bill to reauthorize the Texas alcoholic beverage commission for another twelve years the house of doubted an amendment allowing beer to go sales from Texas breweries state rep eighty Rodriguez authored at my only allows for purchases of up to five hundred and seventy six fluid ounces. They put two cases on to a single consumer on a single day. The house also adopted an amendment allowing beer and wine sales on Sunday starting at ten AM instead of noon at the capitol, Chris FOX, NewsRadio twelve hundred W O I four it is at Amazon you can now be fired by a robot. The Taylor has a new system in place, the tracks, the productivity of workers and will fire employees who don't in Amazon's words, make rate a labor lawyer says Amazon's computers fired hundreds of workers in a single day at one warehouse speaking of Amazon, they're replacing their free two day shipping with free one day shipping for. Prime members Amazon's chief financial officer made the announcement during the company's first quarter earnings call no date was announced for the launch. But the CFO says it will take a significant amount of time to achieve Amazon plans to spend eight hundred million dollars in the next quarter to make the transition to improve warehouses and delivery because of the large investment, Amazon predicts its earnings will drop below expectations next quarter, prime members already get one day shipping for certain products. Amazon says it's going to make the rule and not the exception. Online shopping is something entirely new in Africa. Adrienne Mitchell has more on that from Bloomberg. In today's in focus report. Amazon shares are up twenty three hundred percent since two thousand now accompany dubbed, the Amazon of Africa is taking aim at that Mark shares of Julia has soared since their debut on the new York Stock Exchange co-founders Sasha plan. Your next says, even as incomes rise and internet costs fall. Millions of Africans have never shopped online. So we have.

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