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Watch us on twitch Twitch that TV download, twitch app. Carmen and your cool watch all the shows waddled Sylvie cap everything on the weekend. It's all on the great switch now. Plus, we're starting to do a lot of Stuff outside of the studio. That's right, watching the Bears playoff game together Watling Sylvie's pre game for the big game, which was just absolutely fantastic. We're gonna be doing more and more of that. I think we got some stuff maybe coming up around the college basketball tournament on twitch, so It's going to be a lot of fun. If you're on the station's instagrammed, you want to say something about that? No. I just wanted real quick. The barstool guys watch the NASCAR rations, but always a good you should see their reaction to the crash. The other race Yeah, it was pretty good. I don't wanna get too far off track. What happens at the end of that when the When the caution flag goes out, is the guy that's in the lead right then and there the winner, they'll go to the next timing mechanism. They have on the track and the guy that's in front. When that once the caution flies, the guy that gets to the mechanism first is the winner is the winner that wasn't involved in the race. What I'm saying there was involved in the crash Iraq, So that's how this guy he was 100 to 1 shot and they went to the next timing mechanism. He was the one in front. He also finished person to check and flag OK, that was supposed to slow down. No matter what I got you so is the next time and pull the mechanism. So that's why they do that. Because it's under caution. They got to slow down. Alright, So by the way, I was also gonna mention if you are You should be on the you know, Follow us on Instagram at ESPN Underscore Chicago and Rachel and Travis and our Promotions department did a great job putting a video together. On. I guess this is kind of been going on and social media when it first when I first got pranked by a black and a dollar. I didn't know what was going on. I hadn't seen Kenny and shack in the TNT guys doing it. And Merkin Sun Brighter is about 13, right. Just 13 14 next week about to turn 14. He said, Oh, yeah, they have been doing that on Tic tac for years. But you know, we're we're old fuddy duddy is we didn't know about this, but the idea is you cost Somebody up on face time. And then you tell them we'll wait, Wait. I'm going to meeting I gotta call you back. Well, they got they die on us all. Sylvie was the only one who knew what was going on. They got all of us. The best one was Nick Nick for Adele was good here is looks like it has been brushed your go pick up the phone and goes what it looked like you were in bed. I wasn't better now as having solo time. Carb. What's all the time with Johnny Waddle? Waddle swore and said What the bleep you call me a facetime for when they said, Hey, we get we're going to the meeting that I gotta call you back. Is that okay? While while he goes what he had no idea when they got me like First I looked at my phone. I'm thinking why is a ballet based timing? Yeah, And so I picked up the thought I said important? Yeah, I said hey, and then I see it's black and of dollars they go. Hey, and I go. Hey, what's up? Like we gotta go in a meeting. Can I call you back into my head? I'm thinking Well, you called me. I just go. Yeah, I had no idea. About five minutes later. I texted of doll. I said, Okay, what I missed. I mean, there's gotta be some bit that I don't know. That's what they said. It was a bit like that makes sense. But it was funny. If you go on the video is great. If you go on the stations, I didn't see me in it. I look for in the second video, two videos. Yes. Second video was naked as a jaybird. Very good. That's about to roll over and give a little shot A little Johnny. Shining. Rachel would have been had a blur that she would have a picture like. Well, listen you you're on my control There. You call me. You know, you're not on the air. Guess what? You could be ready for anything. Anything can happen if you are going to get, you know, do that game time here. What is it called Face time. This time you're gonna face time, Johnny Handsome. You might get a little more than you could imagine. Interesting legal question. You are there any sense any public decency laws that you're violating if somebody face times? You know, I don't think so. You better get that's right. I wouldn't you are. You are my time at this point. Now, did you guys happen to watch the fcf this weekend on twitch? It's over the F C. F. What the F C F. I did not. I don't know the F C. F. I have no idea what the F C F that is the fan controlled Football League. The fans decide which plays are run. They play on a 50 yard field Yurko 50 yards. That means 25 indoor inside. They play inside the plane in a dome in Duluth, Georgia, right, you're playing on the Arena Football League, basically, basically, but you're playing at a 50 yard 50 by 35. Wife. I don't know why I got just asking her. If that's what you could put inside of. Ah, like United Center Got it. The Rosemont horizon you could put a 50 yard field with two ends owns a 10 year old could also have something to do with the fact that it's a lot easier to score. If you're only have to go 50 yards. I said they don't have indoor. Uh, fields. Well, what kind of feel that they put this on? Was today in a dome Jones, So I mean, it's.

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