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Seat your thoughts on it. I really hope it's the guy, but we've been down this road before. I just hope so much for the family's sake that they could find somebody that either confesses to this or they can connect the dots to it. Because I know the family. They can say that you know they've made peace. They can say that they moved on. But deep down inside, they want closure, like any family work right? And there's been a couple different times where we thought this has to be it. There was a guy in Colorado who was busted, walking around like railroad tracks that had a history of Violence. Thought that was the guy turned out not to be it. He had ties. The Indiana turned out not to be it. This is another one. Now. The other day we had the sister. Of one of the victims. I believe this was Libby's sister came out and said, Please stop sharing your conspiracy theories online because it's not helping anybody. It kind of brings one more pain to the family and two if you do share your side by side pictures, one of this person is still out there. They're going to see this and social media and get out of dodge. Send it to the police. But keep it offline. You lose track of because it would there got so much publicity. And all these national networks have done stories on it that these were real people. These are real families. And if you're doing things that aren't helping them get closure and justice. Don't do it right. And what's so crazy about this story is that it's not like this happened in Indianapolis, where there's a million people, right? Delphi is kind of a smaller town near a larger town of Lafayette. But this was a community where that kind of stuff They'll be the last place in the world. You think something like this? What happened? And if it did? It shouldn't be that hard to find the perpetrator. Because in these small towns, I mean, if you've ever been on Facebook in these town, a Facebook pages, you know small towns, people talk people get into this kind of stuff and for this still to be an open case. It's heartbreaking. I hope there's a lead here with this guy in Lafayette. I'm not getting my hopes up. But if it is that be fantastic. And you again you followed this way, way more close than than than I have, and probably almost more than than anybody in media has been. I just haven't been really impressed with the way law enforcement has handled this investigation. Well, there comes a point to where you have to ask yourself. Is this a cold case or should we release more information? Now There's they've never said that. It was a cold case. They've always said tips are coming in, but Let's be honest. It's been what four years now, Um, I know for a fact. There's a lot more information that was recovered at the scene and on the cell phone where we originally got the down the Hill Audio and the picture of this. I also know that it's pretty gruesome. What's On that phone. So the problem you encounter is, do you Take this awful footage and put it out there just a little bit more in hopes of finding the guy that did it. Or does that just break the heart of the family of the victims? Yeah, because it's some point, you know, because they would say, Well, we want to hold things back so that if we get the person we know what interrogate him in science center, and I understand that, but it's like man after four years, this doesn't appear to be working. Right, And it's really tough because The information from what I've been told on that phone is pretty awful on do you don't want to release information to the media that features little girl screaming. Nobody wants to hear that The family doesn't want to hear that. But at the same time, if there's something else you can put out there. Maybe you could edit it. Do something Production wise. To make it so we've got more. I'm in favor of that. It's coming up this afternoon. It's bring the heat Thursday. We got a lot of stuff going on. Rob, you are going to come by and go off the rails. We got Paris. Denard. We got Tommy Larrin. We're gonna talk draft with Kevin Bowen were loaded. Another hour Mark and Robyn's next Is it Time for a new heating and cooling system turned to the experts at Griffith Energy Services and Carrier today and get 0% financing for 18 months on a new heating and cooling system hit the comfort you deserve from Griffith Energy Services and Carrier visit Griffith Energy Services. Com today for.

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