Another Election in Spain Threatens to Deepen the Political Deadlock


This Sunday Spain. We'll hold its fourth general election four years though. The Socialist Party picked up the most seats in parliament. Last April its leader. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has not been unable to form. A coalition to pass anything into law and political divisions are mounting. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports. Three big issues loom mm over Sunday's election in Spain. One is the deadlock itself. It's you know. Let's get somebody who can govern that's Gayle Allard an economics professor at the I.. E. Business School in Madrid she says to is Catalonia where violent protests erupted last month over the imprisonment of separatist leaders. The far right party vox has been gaining gaining ground with its tough stance against separatists and then the third issue is the economy slowing down to about a two percent growth rate which is fine but high unemployment employment and government debt are also weighing on the country says Heather Conley with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It really still has struggled with the type of good quality jobs that provide meaningful benefits and employment. And that's in part what's driving voters frustration with the current political l.. Stalemate a stalemate that if it continues after this election could be a further drag on

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