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Bringing Ma Bernie Goldberg now the reason I asked for Bernie to come out of his luxury living is because Goldberg and I have a long history. Together, we work at CBS Bernie was much more successful there than I was. But we were both reporters k we were out gathering facts trying to get to the truth. Even then I knew Goldberg was a really really good reporter. But then he wrote an op Ed in the Wall Street Journal, let's CBS was by civil left, which it was. It was there's no doubt Cronkite was a leftist in the closet, but the left is rather was an outward leftist. And so it was managing Gobert got hammered. They didn't want to hear the truth. But Goldberg continued is reporting. If you watched the HBO sport show, really good reporting by Gober. Okay. I mean, you learn a lot so Goldberg Dan gets a commentator job on the factor any bloviating commentary. All right, then he gets into a game that he's not used to because some people like them and some people though because he's commentator not a reporter now. All right. I wanted to give the history Goldberg. So when you saw Kosta stand up and try to go bait President Trump into a refugee caravan debate. What did you think? Enhancer that intensive instead I led to congratulate you Bill of the success of killing the SS. Thank you. It took the no it took a real brave reporter to write a book the killing the social security that is. And the very you're on thin ice with that one. Yeah, it's not that really congratulate you taking taking that subject. It's not a social does not not social security. It's the Nazis. Yeah. That's a good one. Yeah. Okay. So here's here's my take is going to take a mobile tempted to use the cliche. I don't know where to begin what you said about reporting. It tells stiffen from commentary is both right. And it's obvious Juba pasta as a White House correspondent has broken the rules. So many times it can't even count them. Specifically this last time around when he said, Mr President you call the caravan and invasion, and you know, it is an invade right there. He right there. He's wrong. Right. He's rung, and and Jim Acosta as much as I wanted say that he's shameless. Showboating? Even listening to you in the lead into this it occurs to me that he's a small part of the problem CNN is letting him do. That's right. It was when we were at CBS. I could've never forget about their liberal bias. I could've never gotten away with anything resembling this. This is unprecedented. I don't know if there was a memo, I doubted, I doubt there was any writ mental. But the word is out. We had CNN are going to be the we hate Trump network and anybody on our stamp on the air. And our producers will go along with this will be rewarded and anybody who doesn't will be punished because. Jim Acosta would not survive in any legitimate news operation, given what he's done. Well, that was my point..

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