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Now HOGAN Saint hold on one second. Hold on. Hold out. You understand? You don't understand once macho man turns his back on him? And then he turns back around with that pointed finger right in his face takes the finger points at Elizabeth now back at HOGAN. And then grabs HOGAN by the chin and pushes him then backs off a second. Hold on one second. But here comes pointed finger pointed to title, you're jealous of the title. You're jealous of Elizabeth the pointed finger back to the face of HOGAN, HOGAN, say no, it's not like that brother. You don't understand? Oh, he understands exactly what it is. He understands exactly what you're doing are hogs now trying to cop a plea. But it's too late the fingers wagging. Oh, and now the finger wagged right on Hogan's knows who shoves macho man's hand away. Macho man going back and forth, HOGAN, HOGAN, still pleading the anger grows, its savage. It's HOGAN the finger back in Hogan's face miss Elizabeth trying to make her way to our feet from the gurney. But she's still in pain HOGAN turns and bow before you know, it the belt comes crashing across the forehead. Macho man breaking up the mega powers with the WWE championship across hulk Hogan's face macho man and his yellow mega-powers tights on top of all Cogan. And now miss Elizabeth runs over to haul Kogen. I'm gonna splatter you right on top of him. What he says is highly upset coup off. Oh, my I did not remember e wasn't heart before she's definitely hurt. Now. I did not remember, by the way, not appropriate. Now. I did not. I did not remember. And now who was that was that Janetti was just about behaviors beefcake, and I did not remember him tossing miss Elizabeth so badly. He I hope I hope there's a crash paddle something back there because she she went for lying frame. And now beefcake beefcake trying to break it up savage is turning over the gurney. Savages lost it. This is a man who's lost his mind. Hogan's trying to get up and now savage says, no, I think I'll get outta here. Now. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, it took thirty four minutes and seventeen seconds of the main event to really tell one of the great friendship breakup of all time and his reported out. Now, we come back. They take a break. They come back thirty five minutes, and they're just going to give you a they're just gonna give you Hercules and Ted Diaz you little bit of action here. But what an unbelievable thirty four minutes. It was and Greg that was all the way back wait for it. You ready? I'm ready in. Three weeks. This event is thirty years old. Thirty nine teen eighty nine and we are now in two thousand nineteen brother. Oh, I'm sorry. Of all the Saturday nights main event, two main events, this has to be like the biggest one right? I think it's the most important Saturday. It's made event or may have out of all time. Yeah. I do. And now you cut by the way 'cause you know, Andre in HOGAN rematch was pretty aspect to now thirty five thirty nine into it. There backstage beefcake HOGAN, and there's mean Jean being perfect means gene handling the situation with seriousness because now now he's got to be the reporter guy who's covering. What is a very very serious situation backstage a situation that will set the tone for the mega powers exploding. Just a couple of short months later and Atlantic City. Yeah. And then it also sets the tone for for the next few years of savage Korea, which is kinda crazy to think about. It really does savage miss Elizabeth split end. They don't reunite until what wrestlemainia seven eight not for a while. Takes a long time. Are you want a little bit of male? This has been fun. Yeah. I enjoyed it. We do this. Again, you guys can tell us Rosa, very beats gmaiLcom. If you enjoy I know a lot of people do stuff like this hope our takes a little different. Let's say let's go to. To teach Adam writes us mean, my drop ready. Hold on. I gotta be all ready. Mail. Hey, Greg, and Greg is where the hulk HOGAN shirt to a w w van the equivalent of wearing a confederate flag shirt or a maga- hat..

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