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Look forward to it watch it all unfold from high atop turned over to now let's go to the other in the back straight away Mike Bagley Milford Delaware thank you Dave good afternoon everybody position on the platform here at the exit of the back straight away we mention that we've had this rain shower mother nature getting homestead Miami speedway a bath at least at this end of the speedway don't know how that's going to affect what's happened already all the rubber that's been laid down with the NASCAR Xfinity series race earlier today the tracks wide enough that you can use every inch of this asphalt but where were you going at the beginning of the race we go to the bottom we go right to the top a lot of unknowns but there are options for drivers and that's what they love will see a lot of slipping clutch sliding we can't wait to cover it all all four hundred miles right here this afternoon at homestead Miami speedway there will be a competition caution today at lap number twenty five stage one in that lap eighty stage two at lap one sixty then of course the checkered flag at two sixty seven that means a lot of strategies so let's get a final thought from pit road before the green flag this report from pit road is presented by Reilly auto parts Winston Kelley well Alex when talk to some of the Rucci said seem like most are more sinus pretty straight up you come in at the competition caution at lap number twenty five then you come in at the end of the first stage and then you split the second stage into the one thing that might be a bit of a wild card we have a lot of green flag racing in that last stage is do you split in half way there because of Seneca fuel mileage allow you to do that and about sixty laps but you could come in about thirty three laps and again another thirty three laps we've seen that happen and I think we'll see that.

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