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Traffic and Weather news radio 700 W L. Galligan, Cincinnati The number of injuries have gone up after a mass shooting at a Juneteenth celebration in California. With the to 30 Report. I'm Sarah, least breaking now. Police in Oakland now say seven victims were hit by gunfire when possibly two shooters opened fire in the crowd at a Juneteenth celebration of the city's Lake Merritt. Last night as seventh victim, a female walked into a hospital with a gunshot injury. The six who were injured from gunshots are all stable now. The one man who died in the shooting has been identified as a 22 year old San Francisco resident. Police have two suspects in custody who are caught running from the scene, They say with guns Alec Stone, ABC News and now for your latest traffic and weather together, you still have your usual backups headed in both directions near the Brent Spence bridge. This is, of course, due to that big painting projects going on. Other than that, though I'm not seeing any other major accidents or delays at this time. But if you do see anything, just give us a call at 4 to 1 63 97, now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling Weather Center on news radio 700 wlw. The thermometer will reach 90 today, but feel like temperatures will be in the mid to upper nineties for this father's Day and first day of summer. The mix of sun and clouds by Monday brings low to mid eighties, but it also brings the next rain chance. Showers and storms are expected by the afternoon from severe weather station I'm nine first winning meteorologist Austin Winfield News Radio 700 w L W the radar's all clear and it's currently 83 degrees here in Cincinnati. Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is investigating after someone stole. Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey is car from her driveway on Saturday morning around eight o'clock. Her vehicle was found later on in the day. Around one o'clock. However, her weapon that was secured in her car is still missing. Police are now investigating this incident. Meanwhile, in northern Kentucky man is now in custody after leading police on a chase last weekend..

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