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Into a bag right now we we we cycle through anxiety around here like I think people are recycling through anxiety at home but here it is a lot indeed there Sears seven ideas I'm not gonna give ya seven but they're kind of surprising ways to just get you to relax okay just to get you relax chewing gum this is rare okay researchers in Japan found that test subjects asked to chew mint flavored gum twice a day for fourteen days reported lower levels of anxiety and mental complete we're gonna need a lot more gum I don't know if if there's another and I've got my got to get some it's a powerful stress busters I don't look at baseball yep that's what they say yeah right the everyday vigorous chewing of gum by a pitcher or something and just how your old shoes shoes some gum and I know I know I have I I like to chew gum if I'm doing a project we loved and I love bubble gum no Wrigley's yeah the yellow one and just for security are you having that's it only lasts a good second but I'm going to buy some gum yeah on the way home so this is a a stress reliever people just dont but only if there's no one else at the store and they said Matt Marshall stop it meant the flavor gum so choose not gonna do that everyday another one is to yuk it up this is according to Mayo Clinic laughter can be a great stress of form a stress relief stimulating circulation adding muscle relaxation enhancing the intake of oxygen rich air increasing endorphins in your brain in improving your immune I like that it's in dolphins yeah indoor for a minor in Spanish when things are in the office that's a good no worries saying okay yarn bombing at knitting it meditate okay netting the Emily blunt last week when it seems like you know when she was promoting the quiet man was like the beginning middle of last week because it was supposed to open today and she was on either Seth Meyers or Jimmy Kimmel I think it was Carol and she said well my husband John Krasinski enters our beautiful accent is because they they were talking about the corona virus were they were talking about and she said he's learned something for my daughter and she brings out like a bag of yarn and it's like little finger yep it these things do you do with your hands don't remember making those the you go in and out each finger and then you go back around in the background in the fly out yeah and so he there were all kinds of women there and so she said that was something that he did in the downtime on the quiet place too and she was trying to show Jimmy and he was absolutely helpless I'm sorry I haven't check get you checked in with police thanks guys for me right now I am a license number I am at I I did watch the Jimmy Kimmel you had Julia Julia Louis Dreyfus on it it just got a little long always do where they scapin each other yeah yeah that was like Ellen laying on our couch pretending that she was bored calling all over celebrity friends and I just stopped watching when she called Justin Rayner lake I I will never let go.

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