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Orange removal comes after a 90 day probation. He was one of the state's highest paid school superintendents. State Board members say Western Heights enrollment dropped 30% during virtual instruction caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 25% of staff have left the district and the state board says Western Heights graduation rates are among the lowest in Oklahoma. District employees also have made Claims of harassment and retaliation against Barnes. The state Board of Education is giving the school until July. 12th to make changes or the board says it will pull the district's accreditation. Another drop in the state's unemployment rate as we hear from Tatter Carlson the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission says the rate fell to 4% last month, which is the 12th lowest in the nation. O. E. S. C director Shelley Zumwalt says the state is edging closer to the pre pandemic Great of 3.1% a year ago, right after the pandemic started. Oklahoma's unemployment rate was 13% extra Federal jobless benefits in Oklahoma will end on Sunday The lucky Star Casino in Concho Reopened this after the entire casino operation was hit by a ransomware attack earlier this week. Officials say that other lucky star casinos will slowly reopen each individually. Promotion drawings will be postponed. Closing arguments begin this morning in Cleveland County District Court, where Max towns and faces charges for allegedly running down some more high school students with his pickup truck in February of last year, three of them were killed. Four others were injured Attorneys for the 58 year old towns and say he passed out after choking on a red bull and isn't responsible for the deaths. Blood tests found that towns and used alcohol and marijuana Before the crash. Members of the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus met with death row inmate Julius Jones yesterday at the state Penitentiary in McAlester caucus chairman State representative Jason Low Says the meeting was about letting Jones know there are people including elected officials, who are fighting to stop his so called state sanctioned death. Jones faces execution for the 1999 fatal shooting of an Edmund man during a Carjacking, his attorneys Claim he was framed for the murder. The state pardon and parole board will hold a hearing in September to decide whether to recommend Jones death sentence. Be commuted. Governor Stitt would make the final decision. Oklahoma I U. S Senator Jim Inhofe says President Biden's defense budget request for next fiscal year is wholly inadequate. It's got to be Abundantly clear to everyone. What this president has done to the budget to the defense budget in half, says Biden's proposed budget increases defense funding by just 1.6%, he says that doesn't even keep up with inflation in half his ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee from the Katie Okay Weather Center and the four warrant Storm team, mostly sunny today, a high around 96 with the Heat index making it feel like it's up to one. Oh, four. 76 for low Tonight we have a chance of storms overnight. Tomorrow will be partly sunny with a chance of storms are high in the low nineties and those will be in the low seventies..

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