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Beneath `as is the knight of swords. Now this is what's gotten us into all this trouble. The Knight of swords words is going into battle. The Knight of swords is rushing in on a war horse full throttle. It's created the stress that is causing us A lot of our problems page of swords is the present as his passing and the page of swords is sort of a an unseen in an unsteady state a little bit paranoid clutching his sword of or her sort. Actually the pages are often from female. What we're all feeling right now is I mean everybody is on edge? It's not a comfortable place to be a and we're coming out of it. The near present as combine is the page of COPS. which again how's us? The cubs are the the suit of emotion and the page has little fish coming out of the coming out of the cup. There's little gift in there. I see evolution. Maybe the vision thing. Hello Yeah offering coming another offering. Aubrey offer so yeah. There's there's a The pictures of a mind taking four form so then this is this is us and what we have is the eight of wands. I always think of these as a messenger. The wants or the first suit their their sticks but they're coming into leaf so they're about beginnings there about I would say definitely about hope but a message is okay. Maybe you're or not a woo. Woo Person but political prognostication according to the usual methods. How reliable is that? Our posters nate silver Reuters the day before the twenty sixteen election. It was ninety percent certain that Hillary Clinton would win still to be fair and balanced. I went the next day to an actual professional political consultant. A myth the car. He has consulted with some bold faced names and I mean boldfaced. I mean maybe currently running in the Democratic primary no names because of the. MDA's never mind because of his nonprofit work always the loophole. I was able to get an interview with him on the record. I think the easiest one that other which I feel is the most accurate is longtime political consultant and founder and CEO of lawmaker dot Io. And the only reason I say lawmaker dot. Io is because a lot of people go to lawmaker dot com we say lawmaker dot io even though that's very ninety s and we call it a micro lobbying platform and the goal is to help people you know be Empower them to advocate on their behalf. It doesn't make them legal lobbyists but we want everyone to be able to to to be political advocates can. Is there any way you can start like. What's the frame? What will myself going to be rolling from? What's GonNa be happening before we know that as you said it's kind of a roundtable or I'm not gonNa tell me Oh I'm not gonNa tell you okay? Yeah it's okay so this I'll just it's a bit of a it's it's a it's an experimental kind of fun segment so I'm GonNa just jump in with a very open ended question the country the United States. What do you think is the central reason you were here where we are now speak open end? Yeah that's the that's the ball quite. Let me try it again. What do you think is? Let's say the underlying problem. I'm kind of hoping he'll say the devil but he doesn't quite not at first. It's going to sound very general. It's a lack of civic literacy and Civic Responsibility d from the ground up but I think what we've seen in America being country that we've so proudly said with the best country in the world is strongest prosperous innovative. That's allowed so many of us to say. Oh Oh and thus I don't have to pay attention the moment the people stop paying attention. That's where you have lobbyists and interest groups and foreign governments saying. Oh well we're GONNA pay attention you know. And lobbyists is an interest groups. They get hurt every single day. And that's a big imbalance that causes a lot of where we are as a country today. And what are people distracted by their habits and their habits are what can I do for immediate gratification because civic participation is not about immediate gratification. You do get immediate gratification from Netflix devil materialism listen. I'll take it so. Have you seen in your work. A shift from one mood to another mood. One era to another era when when feeling to another feeling there has been a shift And I feel like almost anyone on the street you can ask what that shift is. And they're going to be hovering around what it is. which which is the sense of emergency on Edge? Page of swords specially in the twenty twenty election. We're GONNA see more and more youth participation they say in twenty twenty ten percent of eligible voters. Odors are GONNA be genesee because of the issues because even movements that we've seen whether it was the march for our lives the global climate strike black lives matter. More youth are going to be participating picture of a mind taking and one thing that we've seen time and time again is that people that engage in politics or engage in civic life. They have more hope for the future under evolution. So this is not about now this is not about is going to be. Elizabeth is GonNa be America all Blah. This is about the action. Step is is to be part of the evolution without becoming fixated and without becoming so. That's our show. My thanks to our Guests Henry Alfred Julia Sweeney Caitlin Flanagan Janet Fitch a meet the car with a cameo by dame caroline. Aaron Ad Jingles by Amanda Chimpanzee in the hot mess trio Susan Martyr Enrich Rottenberg announcer voice fire. mcallister shows theme is by me producer. Myself with help from any Chelsea of course the show is really made possible. Oh by my new book the Madwoman in the Roomba out from WWe Morton June twenty name. The podcast sleepless in Las Colin in Almanac of modern living. or You all know sleepless in Los. Just leave it like that. Absolutely blue pacing. Were just lying in her bed. Shaking her melatonins edibles whenever and something about this place is just rubbing us the wrong way. It's just got us up at night and we have no power against it. We really need then like letting that go. Do you think Los Angeles. It's the only place or is it. A state of being there may be other asleep New York Connecticut. This this issue we're talking about Manhattan is apparently like that. Hell Zone of all hell's irst moment of true kinship. I had published.

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