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Portent for you for the dog to pissed i or why do you think that's good practice. I always felt that at just a life lesson. I my gnashed me. What's the most important thing i know about life. It would be pitched and shit lecture. Because if you shit i and piss later your whole day is So they have more sex It's so clear that you enjoy that happening. So this is the thing that you do in multiple versions. I've seen you do the showcase. Which is the daughter and you note and you note the size of his forearm so in this virtues as marine on the dvd a. He's literally has popeye. Like arm Yes what do you like about this immature well because you you could feel it. I you picture what it would be like if popeye fist fucked you after having this spinach and you hear that and then you hear the ship whistle that comes out of his pipe and then him fish talking you in the ass. That would be really Really intense around this point. You say if you're not keeping up. I'll start from the beginning if you make. It doesn't make sense. What you do you do the hafner a what do you like about checking like that. Yeah because it's like the idea that it's it's a story that must be filo like oh wait a second. The daughter blows the dog. Oh i didn't hear that that's why it made no sense then a beat that. I've seen you do a few times with this. Is you stop and be like i know. You're probably wondering why didn't they agent call the cops yech. That's a different story it is. It's one of those things when you listen to setups jokes or things and you go. You know this this really could have been solved on the way. Yeah do you have a sense of when it's time to say things like that it's like oh the audience like what are you monitoring for what the how the audience is reacting. No no that take. I don't think about adult. So i'm just stuff like that pops into my head. The son gets jumper cables. Then then around this point you say it sounds like one of the prayers from the jewish holidays. I remember i remember in one version of the aristocrats. I said either that night or one. I did a second version for the documentary. I just ad-lib also just on that popped into my head. This is a A favorite Practice in a family of character actor. Kevin mccarthy and and now kevin mccarthy was in you know invasion of the body snatching. He's one of those. If you saw him you know media. And he spoke like that goal of time and like run run jar attacking. I was talking to this actor or tower. An interviewer who knew kevin mccarthy he was like a hundred and at the time and he said. Are you familiar with this comedian. Gilbert godfrey he. I think he was vaguely and he said well. I gilbert tells us joke great talks about you know daughter fucking her brother and the dog fucking mother and blah blah blah blah blah. And he goes. And this is a favourite practice at the household of character. Actor kevin mccarthy and kevin mccarthy says offensive and someone said well you know gilbert takes things overboard and he goes. I'm not a character actor. I'm a star.

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