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The investigators that these charges were not going to be brought against purdue and its executives yes the the message from the justice department was you're gonna have to plea bargain and see if you can bring a misdemeanor case or bring lower charges against them because we're not going to support a felony charge essentially the message was back off essentially yeah the message was this this is not gonna happen we're not going down this road and so a plea bargain is struck the company itself fled guilty to charge that it had misrepresented what the fda had allowed it to say about oxycontin potential for abuse and addiction and paid a six hundred million dollar fine the executives were allowed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and the executives would claim both before they plead guilty to these misdemeanors that they did nothing wrong and essentially afterwards but continued to claim that they had done nothing wrong in that affectively the government had not accused them of doing anything wrong and prep the most remarkable part about the resolution of the case in two thousand seven was the fact that because the indictments never went forward all the work that prosecutors had put into compiling their report all the evidence that they had gathered from produce files all the testimony that they had gotten from former company exists during grand jury proceedings got buried there at how will essentially it was protected because it was grand jury information the report itself was affectively sealed and buried in justice department files never publicly released someone who was upset that this information had been buried that the justice department had not gone forward with the prosecution provided me with a copy very recently i sat down and i read it and i was both stunned and heartsick and iit so what i found was emails of conversations between top producer officials discussing the abuse abok see content what was in the report were recitations of documents that were shared between purdue executives and members of the sackler family about the abuse of oxycontin for example they were monitoring website so you know internet chat rooms that were frequented by drug abusers where they were discussing hey this is great new drug you can crush it you can snort it reports about that were being sent to richard sackler son of raymond sackler founder of boudou pharma there was this wealth of evidence suggesting that produce sectors had in fact known about the drugs abuse i found it just startling and not only the sackler 's new and unknown the the executives new from this evidence it seems but we know the justice department new for more than a decade because it had been in possession of this report and yet the justice department decided essentially to do nothing the justice department had an opportunity to sound alarm bill and all that would have been required was to have gone forward with these recommendations and prosecutors believe is that had they told the truth this entire marketing campaign the foundation of cotton's marketing campaign would have crumbled oxycontin would have been just a niche stroke it would been nothing drug have been just another narcotic painkiller but by concealing this information sales continued to grow and grow and grow in con became a blockbuster so decade later at another moment the crisis is now the biggest public health democ that we're facing and we're lashing out at it in various ways president trump recently announced that he favors the execution of drug dealers attorney general sessions calling for crackdown on doctors and drug is some local prosecutors are arresting people found in the same room with people who have overdosed on murder charges prosecuting them for sharing drugs but we have yet to hold corporate executives to account if we are going to treat street level drug dealers as criminals we have to treat corporate executives who knowingly break the law as criminals as well thank you very much michael been real pleasure in june the attorney general of massachusetts filed the first lawsuit against current and former executives of proof arm on including members of the sackler family a week later purdue pharma lead off the salesforce responsible for marketing oxycontin and this week to members of congress demanded the release of the sealed report documenting produce deceptive practices and all communication between the justice department and the company will lead to the last minute plead

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