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After the lead off single by Hundley. Leads away from second three to pitch swing the ground ball. The basic racing around third way. Here comes the throw from Peterson. Grindal the catcher wanted to the dodgers dugout. You say check it. Wow. Great throw by Jack Petersen. And. Randy Crawford slid in and just did beat the the play apparently. Yeah, he in the replay showed conclusively that he beat. That's Roseau a good call by Gerry Davis, the plate umpire and the jets were on the board their first round of the game making it two to one dodgers. The giants I run sponsored by organic CU America's first USDA certified organic fast food restaurant now with two locations here at AT and T park jets still training two to one. And then in the third inning Gregor Blanco have pressed into starting against Kershaw because Austin say to hurt his arm last night making a throw to the plate so Slater who would have been in. There could not play and block. Nonetheless facing the great Kershaw lead off the inning with the base. It Rodriguez has been the best butter among all the pitchers. Failed to get to buy down this time and struck out fouling a bone away for strike three. So Block O was still at first as a hunter Pence came up. Pence. It.

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