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And click on I want to show you something. Here's a stock. The banks now. They just reported the banks last Friday, and I told my gang back on eight April. I I said they're going to have to rig these banks to go higher because it's the banks that drive the stock market and the market has been going up into banks been lag behind the banks can't make money unless rates go up, and when Trump's the stop raising rates the Bank stocks the biggest Touche's pull their money on the Bankstown. She had the stock market rallying on a narrative on a fake narrative that there's going to be this wonderful agreement is going to be signed between China in the US. There's not going to be a wonderful agreement. There's going to be an agreement, but it's not gonna be wonderful. They have no choice now. But to have an agreement because remember what they done since December twenty four December twenty six to where we are today. They've rally this whole market based on that narrow. We're going to have a tremendous Chinese US agreement about terrorists. We're not going to have a wonderful agreement. China's not going to agree. What we want China's going to keep stealing our information. Okay. And and they're not going to agree that they get caught. We're gonna put more terrorists on what you nuts, not gonna Greece. Just going to sign this crappy document that's gonna be worthless. So we can say oh look at this. We got a great in a market goes back up again. When Trump got obsessed with the stock market today the election when he won the election, and he learned something he learned something when he made a promise unbeknownst to him the way the market works. You create a promise in investors buy into the promise. And then when it becomes a fact they sell into it and professionals buy into the promise on the fact, the normal guy who has a much money manager or in a 4._0._1._K. They just do the opposite after it goes up. They don't buy on the rumor they weigh in by in the fact, if a stocks at twenty and it goes up to sixty they way and buy it at sixty. You're always buying your stock. Your managers always buy the stock at the wrong price at the highest pressures. They make more commission. So the bottom line is that when you're buying a stock like we did right here. The Bank stock we knew we could see on April first it turned green. And I said they got to take. And they gotta lie about these banks actually got to push these Bank sucks up to keep this market going or it's going to fall apart. And they gotta keep that narrative going on China. And then they gotta have another fake narrative that you're going to do quantitative easing in which they can't do it's impossible. They can't do it. So it's just a fake narrative 'cause Trump realizes I said election night two thousand seventeen when he made the promise he was going to do it infrastructure trillion dollar infrastructure. He was going to repeal ObamaCare is going to do this. He's gonna do that. People investors. The big institutions bought into that rumor in the stock market went up forty five percent, not because earnings were going up not because companies were making any money. They weren't they're doing all stock by they could borrow money at zero interest. And by their own stock, and they pushed the stock market up forty five percent. And he saw that. And he goes, wow. This is on believable. All I have to do is something create a rumor they will buy into the rumor. So then when the market collapsed an October fifth two thousand eighteen down twenty percent. He said I'm going to just another rumor show the institutions will get make money buying into the rumor, so they bought into the rumor on December twenty six market mood. Right back up twenty percent. Got stuck at two eighty for fifteen weeks could break up to eighty because two eighty that's where the resistance was just couldn't no buyers institutions were in buying. And when you look down chart, you could see when the stock was going up the volume was going down institutions were pulling their money out. So now he's trying to hold it up. Hold it up with another rumors going to be this zero percent financing coming back. But you should have to care about any of that. If falls again, which it will this market is going to go down another forty percent it. Well, I told you in January sixteen two thousand eighteen is going to be a car crash in two thousand eighteen hours. Right. I even said, what would be the worst month would be December hours. Right. That's going to happen again. So again, look at this. So if you go to your mobile device, and you look on my chart, and I can see the institutional money she turned from red to green it was red. And then green on April first that meant the institution starting to buy and we bought it. So we're up seven percent now. Now, we're also locked in. So that we have a Ristori ward. We can't we're up seven percent. We're can't lose more than three percent of that. We gotta stop in that monies in our pocket now. So we got we got a rush to reward is locked in because we put a stop in says if it comes down any more than three percent, we want out at least put three percent our pocket. So we're gonna. To keep watching it. And the key is when it turns red the institutions of the money out, and then we'll turn around and sell it short and make money in a way down. It's easy. Our ask you to just take one of the five stocks and instructions at two o'clock eastern time. I post that you exactly what we tell you to do. And if you have trouble, you're confused, you get your personal coaching for God's sakes. That's why you have to do, you know, anything about the stock? Nothing about the company. Just try it it works. So tell us how wonderful this economy is. It doesn't matter to us. It's they're lying or they're not lying. It doesn't matter to us because we don't follow the BS just like we didn't foul CNN or MSNBC when they said, President Trump was thief is going to go to jail. He's a liar involved with Russia. We didn't pay attention. Pay attention to that. And we don't pay attention with these people say with money when they talk about money because they're not telling the truth. No more than Sheehan was telling the truth about Trump or MSNBC. These programs are not telling the truth because they have one goal in mind to make money and how they make money on these shows, get more advertisers. They get advertisers by getting you excited that everything's fantastic. Everything's great. So you here they are today. Everything's great. The biggest foam ever, Vegas condo understand something. The economy to be booming. I mean, it doesn't make sense 'cause you come. He's not booming. When Americans are reaching a retirement age. And and we have think about we have a crises in retirement, you're far one K is that crises in itself, it's a fraud. That's a front so Merican reach retirement age. They're in a wash financial shape than their parents. And win about half of older Americans have no retirement. No Savy's cause remember what happened. Obama screwed them by taking five percent and drop it down to almost nothing. So that he could make sure the rich got money free zero interface. She for him to get the wealthy zero percent money free interests. He had to take the interest away from the retirees. That's why we went from five percent down to nearly Jiro. So they're Thais how great this, and you just gonna sit there with your phone K, and believe them and not be defensive at all come on. Don't do that. Join.

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