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In that when our time in our nation's in great need roughly 25,000 National Guard members from all over the country have been deployed to Washington, Dr. Anthony Fauci believes one of President elect Joe Biden's coronavirus goals is achievable. 100 million doses in the 1st 100 days is it is absolutely a doable thing. The nation's top infectious disease expert, telling NBC's meet the press that were close to seeing data on vaccines from Johnson and Johnson, along with AstraZeneca. When it comes to the new virus mutation showing up across the country, Dr Fauci says he wants to know if it changes the effectiveness of the vaccines. Could see a little taste of winter today in the Metro area box, 30 one's Brooks Garner. Now after a morning Florrie possible in the plane's no accumulation, we're gonna see a little bit of light so tonight and we're right on the edge of the accumulation area. We could see a dusting India maybe a quarter to a half an inch in downtown Denver up to an inch of the base of the foothills. Snow's already been falling in the high country this morning. Finally, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science pushing ahead in this time of social distancing and mask wearing after being closed for a few months, the I Max theater, the museum's reopened following all public health regulations, theater normally seats about 350 people, so we are operating at reduced capacity of 25% of that. Maura O'Neill with the museum says, You need to get advanced tickets online and the super popular girls in science event in March will take place. Science. We've moved into a completely online virtual format. We're really excited about that, because hopefully it will allow us to reach many more people..

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