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One hundred and seven. The castle was subject to a certain sickness which came upon him every year in deprived him of his wits. The sign of its approach was that he kept continually talking or rather jabbering to no purpose. These humors took a different shape each year. one time. He thought he was an oil jar another time. He thought he was a frog and hopped about as frogs. Do another time. He thought he was dead and then they had to bury him not a year pass but he got some such hypochondriac notions into his head at this season he imagined he was a bet and when he went abroad to take the air. He used to scream. Like that's in a high thin tone and then he would flap his hands and body as though he were about to fly the doctors when they saw the fit coming on him and his old servants gave him all the distractions they could think of and since they had noticed that he derived much pleasure from my conversation. They were always stretching me to keep him company time. Suppor- man detained me. For four or five stricken hours without ever letting me sees talking. He used to keep me at his table eating opposite to him and never stopped chatting and making me chat but during those discourses. I can try to make a good meal. He poor man could neither eat nor sleep so that at last he wore me out. I was at the end of my strength. And sometimes when i looked at him i noticed that his eyeballs were rolling in a frightful manner. One looking one way and the other in another. He took it into his head to ask me whether i had ever had fancy to fly. I answered that it had always been my ambition to do those things which offered the greatest difficulties men and that i had done them as to flying the god of nature had gifted me with the body well-suited for running and leaping far beyond the common average and that with the talents i possess for manual art..

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