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Thing barely just long enough for this guy to come back and save their season m horneck two tweets shut down lock let per set had the team and learn this year did have a real qbe competition next spring and draft a quarterback hashtag not sure about lock right saying shut this guy down because he's not right physically is something totally different than shut this guy down on bringing back let him compete for his job and draft another quarterback you mean shut down that guy and make him earn his job back that guy that they committed one hundred forty million dollars to that guy you're franchise quarterback that guy the guy that they drafted replace peyton manning and it was the right move that guy at curtis on tweets new gm same gm earth say the courts are one of the worst organizations in the nfl since bill polian left shot lock down wasted season battle line but santa come out of it on that side to come back for what combat for who come back to play behind that offense of line the one and nearly got him killed in the first place shutdown down shut them down gm chris powered was the one who was addressing all of these issues as terms of the rehab it's been going well you've seen him throw i've watched every session of enthralling and it's been going really well his his velocities good his his motions good all that coming along in a good rate it's the soreness right now that we're dealing with that we have to we have to get through every player's different every rehab is different every surgery is different so that's why we've never put a time on this you just don't ever again different did you know that at all like his fellow is good he looks good plot every we have different every guys different but he's throwing the ball well you'd see him throw the ball well by we're not going to let them throw this week we're not put a timeframe on this and what.

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