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We're all about and that's what we're doing here in the order of man. Podcast a guys real quick. Make sure you are following along on the socials Very active over on instagram at ryan. That's where most active so you can connect with me there. makes sure also you leave a rating in review. I don't ask a whole lot guys but my goal this year is to move us. From last i checked we were number thirty five and podcast up to top ten of all of podcast in. I need your help to do that. And you can do that by sharing by taking a screenshot in posting on social media instagram facebook twitter etc And then also just leaving a very quick rating and review believe it or not if we have a thousand two thousand five thousand. Ten thousand people leave a rating review a believe it or not. That's gonna do. A huge huge service in boosting up the visibility and of course more important than the visibility is just spreading the mission of reclaiming and restoring masculinity also before we get into the meat of the discussion today. We've got our new battle planning app. That is available if you go to twelve week. Battled planner twelve battle planner The number twelve not spelled out twelve week battle planner. You can download the app on android or your apple device It's going to help you develop a vision. Come up with objectives quantify the tactics you need to do on a daily basis and then ultimately help you track those things as well so Very cool new app that was developed and I think it's going to help you accomplish more in the next twelve weeks. Then maybe it has or you have been able to in an entire year so make sure you check out. Twelve week battle planner twelve. We battle planner dot com and download that and also if you're a member of the iron council that's actually included in your iron council membership so thought it throw that out there as well our guys. Let me introduce you to henner He is the grandson of the man who brought jujitsu brazilian jujitsu to america halio gracie He's a fourth degree black belt. He's the founder and lead instructor of gracie university and as i said earlier has instructed tens of thousands if not more a men women and children in the art of brazilian jujitsu. He's also extremely extremely innovative. And forward thinking he's created programs for Law enforcement specifically with what they deal with for women and also through children or for children through their Gracie bulletproof program. In addition he trains many top level fighters including ufc's brian ortega Needless to say the man knows what he's doing and he comes from a long line very capable and proficient tactician irs so. I think you're going to enjoy this one. What's up man. Thanks for joining me on the podcast. Today pleasure man heard a lot of good things. Thanks for having me on. Yeah you bet. I've been looking forward to it. Because i've been on my own jujitsu journey over the past. I would say really. I've been hard for two years. Although i started three years ago. It took me a year to actually commit to it. And so i've been going hard for two years men on. I can't tell you. How many guys that i connect with that. Want to get into jujitsu and they just don't know where to start. They've got shepherd ation about it. They're nervous about it. There's just so much to it. And so i really appreciate the work you've been doing because i think you've codified it and created a system that allows people to become more comfortable although it's a very uncomfortable thing by nature i think. Yeah that's that's good. Put it because listen. The truth is you can you. Can you understand the challenges of the beginning of jitsu when you understand the beauty of the end of jujitsu call or the you know the final destination that we're all looking for an ultimately jujitsu is comfort in chaos. That's it that's all. We all want comfort in uncomfortable situations. So that's the best skill. I have in my life whether it's in a fight whether it's in life comfort with uncomfortable situation this skill that i had to go through jujitsu if that's true. The starting point is discomfort in uncomfortable situations which is why the first year ryan. You're on the fence about a year to commit. You're saying that because for the first year you look you're constantly ask yourself. Why am i doing this. And am i gonna commit to this long term and these bumps and bruises and stupid little injuries in nagging things and the eagle check that i get every class. Is it worth this. But after a year of toughing it out in the conventional. Bj jj way you reach a point of comprehension in fluid it'd be and understanding basic very basic level. But you go man. I kind of see the bigger picture now. And i can see that if i stick with this this might pay off and worth all the little challenges of the upstart here so discomfort with discomfort is where you begin right normal. Human beings are not comfortable in the horizontal plane. Right so those laying on top of you doesn't like you to hurt you. You're on your back. That's not natural for humans right. Where by pets right so. We're not like cats. We're not meant to be on our backs refighting with what we get up. Expose our next in the processing get choked out naturally. That's just human nature so.

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