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On the hour sponsored by mass mutual I'm Gerry none to American teens reportedly from California are implicated in the stabbing death of an Italian police officer it happened while the cop was investigating a robbery CBS news correspondent Seth Doane in Rome the kind of an eerie say their investigation reveals that shortly before the murder the two young men stole a backpack from an Italian man and then threatened him during a phone call that they would not return the backpack unless they were given one hundred euros more than a hundred dollars and a gram of cocaine the man reported the incident to carabinieri who came to the meeting to try to stop the criminals but a scuffle unfolded in the carbon Yuri officer with stabbed to death the officers funeral will be held Monday in the same church near Naples where he was married forty three days ago at least two people have been killed in the collapse of a balcony and Quan ju South Korea sixteen people injured some of them Americans all those for American athletes who were injured were members of the U. S. water polo team they were they were celebrating when the balcony collapse without any warning and now south Korean officials believe that the club owners may have been negligent CBS news correspondent Kenneth Craig is a new deal between the US and Guatemala restricting asylum applications to the U. S. from Central America California congresswoman normal Taurus born in Guatemala says the policies of the trump administration are responsible for the influx of migrants the southern border it is unconscionable to think that water Molla one of the countries that had the highest murder rate in the world you know in at least within Latin America could be a safe country for people that are coming from Venezuela from Cuba and some other countries are in deep trouble the so called safe third country agreement requires migrants who cross into what I'm all on their way to the U. S. apply for protections there instead of at the southern border the way now clear for the trump administration to use billions of dollars in Pentagon money to build sections of a southern border wall by a five to four vote the Supreme Court.

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