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Scandals that left service members in substandard living conditions. Scott marioni, federal news network, 5 48. Back to Jack and the traffic center could start in Virginia running 66 getting at a Gainesville east should find lanes open all the way into Rosalind by volume remains pretty light at this hour. There's also our work zone that is in place 66 headed west between business two 34 and 29 Gainesville that left plane will be blocked with a long-term work through at least September 10th. Good-looking trip early on the greenway and the Dallas toll road, no hiccups yet on the George Washington Parkway, even 95 and three 95 looking good between Fredericksburg and the 14th street bridge north and south without any early issue. Four 95 looks good between Alexandria and maclean. Now you will find we'd got some work in Bethesda. Ongoing three 55 southbound approaching and passing the beltway, you'll find two left lanes getting by. Frederick south on two 70, you're fine hit it into Bethesda, nice trip between the beltways, 95 and the BW Parkway. 50s fine, three lanes coming back west, two lanes going east. We'll keep an eye out when that'll go potentially into two way operation. No worries out of southern Maryland, leaving upper Marlboro coming out of oxen cove or at a Waldorf headed north toward the beltway with lanes available. Nice trip downtown, quiet across the freeway. Good-looking ride early northeastern and northwest on inbound New York avenue, no troubles yet on D.C. two 95, where I two 95. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Let's see how our holiday weekend is gonna go. Sounds like it'll be pretty nice, Mike's gonna hurt at least at the beginning. Yeah, the first part looking pretty good and really not a whole lot of right until Labor Day, which is gonna be kind of a wet day. Have a little bit of fog around

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