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Ladies and gentlemen welcome matt. Alexander lion is mr exhale ally was going on but i got a lot on your mind this morning. Call you are more mutiny. Told you don't mind. I don't know what's going on is like the face. The face says it all champ now but i'm still super super happy that i'm up alive. Thank god for another day here. Which you skipped. Tv community everybody out of this listening. Good morning good morning. This is the box invoice and Yeah you know what it is is in and chavis senior with the you know his opinions on The plant in canelo fight. This is pretty interesting this You know you gotta old school fighter in a mexican fighter. Obviously he's gonna stand behind his guy and some things to say about how that fight would turn out Does surprise me is senior. You know would Definitely side with carmelo in it is his mexican compadres so not too surprising there but this wilder will ko fury in five man who expressed that molly scott a maliki scott for those. This version of wilder would kale the old version. In two rounds. Wow look at this guy and look we've seen the evolution of deontay wilder. Let's not You know brushed that off. His evolution has been You know televise as they say you know. It's been all over instagram. it's the videos. Are out there him. In mid work and level elevate elevates a whatever never loosen call in a little bit a power. I mean it's an ill. You know you should know that you haven't seen none of that work in the ring in an actual fight and you're giving them credit insane he's evolved. The thing is You know what. And it's okay that you're a coming down on me with that one because you already know you got you. Listen let me set up my sound. I see reloaded row early in the morning. And you know why. Why necessarily do i have to see him in. Fight the pollution. Obviously that is what's going to prove. His evolutions is valid in minutes. But we haven't seen sparring right. We don't know what they haven't seen a fight sparring still head good. This is true ness but we've seen him spar and in the past and you've gotten to see his moves in the past in the ring. And i just feel like none of these moves in the past you know especially in the sparring session that we were privy to You know sit in i. I didn't see these moves. So these moves. Obviously i want to see them trends you know not transcend but you know transfer over into the ring. I i really do. And i really believe that he can. He's a motivated man. He's a motivated man right now. He wants to keio fury. And molise scott's listen he's a fighter turned coach. I mean not too often. Do you actually get a fighter. That becomes a coach. That's actually good and everything. I've been seeing when we scott has been pretty dead on good and and he's working on the aunties wilders strengths. I see him throwing them long hooks to the body. I man listen furious trouble. I've got a lot going on right now. You know god bless him with his newborn daughter and you know hope The wife is okay to and the she's a recovered from the pregnancy. And the delivery. Just find but that's a lot the hold that's a lot to hold in the mind and you know when the mental is going through stuff. The physical can Falter a bit. If you're not mentally strong you might eight too many In oh Chicken sandwiches. I don't know but i know that the it plays a part into this game and right now while there is laser focused on destroying fury and I don't i don't think leaks wrong when he says while wilder can kale. I'll know about the five busts out the my bookie at ag and check that out because if you are going to be betting make sure you use my bookie at a or slash ag. Nestor with the code. The promo code tb and you put your money on. What guy are you think it is gone nilo. That's i know us getting Decapitated here the other day by some because you feel like planking give Cannella the fight of his life. What meeting because he says it. All you know says plan is a very good fighter. He just doesn't believe the plant is the fighter to be canal. Oh he thinks canales prime and you know he believes that because of that no one can beat him right now so it's even anything against plant in. Oh he's just not picking anyone beat cannella right this moment but let me Play that quote the cia chavez senior says yes romo's way you jumped in us about the man song into.

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