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From NPR news I'm Shay Stevens. California now leads the nation with the most confirmed cases of the new corona virus NPR's Eric. Westervelt reports at the state hit a single day high for new infections on Wednesday, the first state to lockdown. California successfully stalled the spread of the virus this spring, but cases have steadily grown since late May. When many cities and counties started to reopen restaurants, an indoor shopping and California just reported more than twelve, thousand, eight hundred new confirmed cases a record one day increase, governor, Gavin Newsom, a sober reminder of why we are taking things as seriously as we are sober reminder. Of why we put in that mask mandate, the rise recently prompted newsom to retreat on reopening, ordering the closure of all bars and indoor dining statewide, and in most of the state gyms, malls and hair salons Eric. Westervelt NPR news Berkeley. US Health and Human Services. Secretary Alex as our says five potential corona virus vaccines currently under development. He says the government has reached an agreement to pay Pfizer and German company BIO INTECH two billion dollars for one hundred million doses of covert nineteen vaccine by the end of the year. A trump administration program seeks to have multiple vaccines available for distribution wants the FDA approved them. Or for emergency use following clinical trials. Has just passed its most significant piece of environmental legislation in decades to provide funding for national parks and land conservation as NPR's Nathan Ross reports. The Great American outdoors act is headed to President Trump's desk for his signature. It's been a while since the country's national parks, wildlife refuges in public lands got a big infusion of federal funding and in a lot of places, it shows campgrounds in disrepair. pothole pitted roads. Shudder visitor centers the Great. American, OUTDOORS ACT EARMARKS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to address those maintenance backlogs at least in part, and it provides permanent funding to a program, called the land and Water Conservation Fund which helps fund outdoor recreation and access to the outdoors. The timing of the bill's passage is not accidental. President trump is aiming to give credit for its passage to two Republican senators in Montana and Colorado who are in tight races for reelection. Reelection Nathan NPR news. A Canadian judge has struck down the country safe third country agreement with the U. S. as Dan Carpenter Chuck report. It's a policy. The two countries used to deal with asylum seekers. The agreement means that Canada, the US recognize each other a safe countries for refugees, those who land in the US, and then try to seek asylum in Canada are turn back because they must make that claim in the country in which they first arrived, but the Canadian judge ruled, refugees deemed ineligible in the US face detention or other rights abuses that she says violates their Constitutional Rights Dan Carpenter. Reporting this is NPR news. Oregon's governor seeking restraining order against federal agents in Portland State officials allege the officers are using unmarked cars and excessive force to make unwarranted arrests of protesters, the Department of Homeland Security says the officers were sent to the city to protect government property. A federal judge is weighing arguments over the issue. Human Rights Watch is warning about political attacks in Guatemala as Maria Martin reports, the advocacy group says the country's human rights ombudsman could be dismissed for defending lgbtq rights in the country. Their livelihood to make it better for others did he began organizing? Sit Ins in the nineteen forties against segregation in Illinois where he lived. He joined Martin Luther, King Junior in the earliest days of what became the Civil Rights Movement, twenty five points, and the S&P five hundred edit eighteen. In pre-market trading, US futures are mixed at this hour on Asian stock market shares are mixed. Higher in Hong Kong? I'm Shay Stevens this. Is NPR news..

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