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There's about sixty four times more antioxidants in plant based foods than animal based foods and berries have about ninety times more antioxidants do fish and interestingly in marine model mouse model which isn't exactly a Kita genyk die, but this is in the low carb category when they fed these mice either a low carb diet, which I think was like ten or fifteen percent hearts versus their usual Chow, which is something like forty percent versus a more western style. The group that had the most authors grosses of those three or those eating a more atherogenic become a low carb diet, those mice eating a low, carb diet, competitor standards Cal or a western style diet had more ather slurs, but they're pressures will say it was the same. So it wasn't traditional risk factors. It was actually looked at more non traditional risk factors and the mice eating a low, carb diet one had more atherosclerosis thing, you are and less healthy endothelial progenitor cells. And we know more of them can be good, and they had more anonymous notified fatty acids, which can promote inflammation. So that's another reason why I will think that, you know, an Arab as Keita genyk diet is not your friend because sometimes the Cato people say, well, you know, pressures the same this same doesn't that look good for time. There's many reasons beyond the tradit-. Risk factors at suggest dishing harm or the heat agenda. I like, look I have no interest one. I know book the selling product to sell you patients to get any evidence to me suggests at a genyk diet is absolutely not going to do. That's my pain. So why do people eat Akita genyk dye? Well, there's a couple reasons that can be affected for weight loss. And there's speculation that it could be good for diabetes now in regard to weight loss in is indeed good for short term weights. Because when you don't eat it any carves? You don't need.

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