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To two days of treading water on a mic session in asia it looks like european equities might open up pretty much flat in just over ten minutes time your stocks fifty futures treading water docs futures up by just a tenth of a percent cat forty futures flat footsie100 futures edging higher up by two tenths of a percent we saw us equities drop on friday but it looks like they could open ever so slightly higher s and p five hundred even a futures up two tenths of a percent this despite the fact that the ten year yield continues to move higher in this session after jumping thirteen basis points last week where upper basis point two point nine seven percent is where we trade will we get to three percent this week and what repercussions will that have in the rest of the markets particularly as well for the dollar the dollar had its best week last week this year today the bloomberg dollar index is fairly steady holding onto those gains dalian up two tenths of a percent one oh seven eighty three cable though is higher by two tenths of a percent or we could dollar there against the pound one forty twenty four is where we trade and when it comes to the euro we've been pretty much treading water we are off by just one tenth of a percent one twenty two seventy three is where we are on euro dollar and then finally taking a look at the commodity markets some softness in oil after that recount data wti sixty eight twenty five dollars a barrel down two tenths of a percent brent crude off by a tenth of a percent seventythree spot ninetyeight those gains in commodities was one of the reasons we saw the ten year yield move higher as inflation expectations rose copper up by five tenths of a percent along with other industrial metals that's a bloomberg business flash here's leon guarantee with more on what's going on around the world thank you name public support for japanese prime minister shinzo are has fallen into a new survey by tv network an puts arby's approval rate at twenty nine percent that's.

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