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That's well you have your own but yeah have your own standards yeah let's talk about the academy award winning gamma camel detoro yeah so water maybe perfect film it's what movies should that enchanting yeah yeah it really is his my i mean he's he really is the kindest person walk us through i don't know that i've ever met someone who's worked with him so please tell me as much hand you know he had asked he'd seen me in storytelling when he was casting hell boy he had done a movie called devil's backbone which i was a huge fan of it's incredible it if you haven't is before pan's labyrinth devils but after cronos which i hadn't seen and back down good orphanage war ghosts i mean it's everything and it's so beautiful and and so my dogs in the wires but he got in touch with me and i met with him and his studio where he's working this office just was filled with so much inspiration and his heart and he was warm and gave a warm hug in his ideas and he was so excited and i was very overwhelmed and i made a joke that i said under a desk i'm not that weird but i did kind of sit on the grounds because i was not used to someone being so in charge and i literally kind of just took a back seat i wanted to listen and then i realized what i was doing how strange and i said oh i'm sorry and he said no no never apologize that's a normal human reaction that's you're finding your spot you're and there was no shame and no judgment just such an understanding of how people work and he puts that in his characters these awkward moments that are so touching because he recognizes them not as flaws but yeah.

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