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A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who'd been robbed reported missing. That is in Saudi has now been found safe and turns out he had been robbed while sleeping in his car. He'd been robbed by someone who made off with his cash and cell phone. Police say the deputy did have some injuries possibly from being punched by the robber. But they were minor enough that he didn't need to be taken to a hospital. Authorities were I tipped off to a problem when the deputy when a friend used his call this phone was shocked when somebody else answered it before hanging up a music teacher is now out on bail after being arrested for attacking a student in his band. Classic Maywood academy high school and some other students are actually coming to the teachers defense some of them who saw Friday's incident. Tell CBS to they feel the teacher Marston Riley who is black was provoked into hitting the student when the boy hurled. A torrent of racial insults at him, including the N word added another student Who Wasn't There, but has other classes with Riley says he's also on the teacher's side. So wonderful teacher. He's just here to help us. Learn how to play instruments music, but other students, and many parents think the teacher did not have any excuse for acting the way he did. And now another video has also emerged appears to show that same teacher having a fistfight with a different student about a year ago. Details of that incident. Not yet clear about two hundred people were quickly evacuated from a synagogue in Anaheim last night after someone called in a bomb threat. Just a week after the massacre at a temple in Pittsburgh. But a two hour search of the Mecom Shalom synagogue and Jewish center on south Sinclair street. Didn't turn up any dangerous devices police then allowed members of the mostly Spanish speaking congregation to go back inside. And investigators are now trying to track down the caller. There's been an emotional vigil in Beverly Hills to honor and to remember the eleven people killed in that weekend synagogue. Doc in Pittsburgh, community members and local leaders, including mayor Julian gold lit candles and walked through the city streets as they reflected on the tragedy and the effect. It's had not only on Jews across America. But on the entire nation. The mayor told CBS to the vigil serve many purposes, this is an opportunity for us.

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