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How Ants Turn Into Zombies


Be the answer infected by a fungus as as a matter of fact scientists found four new species of Zombie creating fungus hope you're you're telling the fungus turns the ants into zombies yup fungi produce little seed like particles called spores. If an ad gets infected by one the fungus hijacks brain instead out of doing its normal the an start searching for the ideal location for the fungus to grow. It's not just wondering no scientists have found that infected Tabasco to specific locations beneath leaves on the north side of plants about ten inches above the ground in ninety four to ninety five percent humidity and that seventy seven to eighty six degrees Fahrenheit temperatures experiments have shown that if infected ants removed from those locations the fungus won't develop develop once an idea locations the ants bite down on the leafs vein and the fungus grows hi fi or fungal threads throughout their bodies. ooh that sounds gross gross within that in the fungus is large enough ascends up a reproductive shut called a fruiting body. The aunt looks like it has horns or antlers growing out of its head new spores rain down from the fruiting body and infect more ants. It's just like a horror movie. I better take a closer look at those and my kitchen a figure safe. The Fungus is tropical. This moment of science comes from Indiana University City with production

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